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This Aussie Pilot Is Not Brain Dean, Did Not Take The Injection, and Explains Why

stock here, submitted by Lot’s Wife

Graham Hood is an unassuming 65-year-old with a long career in aviation. Two days ago, he testified to a senate committee of the AU Parliament in Canberra. For 20 minutes, Hood spoke without notes or pause. Learning he intended to get the ‘vaccine’ to keep his job, his wife spurred him to do a risk/benefit analysis.

He then articulated points along a decision tree that determined that the vaxx mandate was in conflict with safety and how he became a rallying figure in the anti-vaccine movement. Using his emergency training in the cockpit, Hood shapes his analogy in a way that will bring tears to your eyes. “Captain, listen!” Americans rarely see credibility, courage, and commitment in such measure. 

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