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Wisconsin — Lefty Female Democrat Proves Just How Easy It Is to Commit Voter Fraud, And She Is Busted

stock here: she just made up some names for 3 fake military people. The system generated the absentee ballots, and other election operatives mailed them out. Whoever received them could then vote 4 times.

This was from 2022 Midterms, it took until last week to find a guilty sentence. The defense tried to poise her as “a whistleblower” which is mal-practice in my view, I guess they have to say something. She could get 3.5 years plus 0.5 year for each ballot, 5 years max, and fines around $10,000


One little slip up though, I mean a major mistake that shows just how unhinged some of these people can be….she had them sent to a top Republican who was speaking on how voter fraud is likely in Wisconsin….who received the ballots and reported the ballots and they were traced back to this piece of work.

She doesn’t get the normal benefits of being an attractive female, so she acts out in other ways. Hypothesis. Maybe she hates the world, I wonder if her social media was already scrubbed.

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