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I Emailed This to a Select Group on 111 222

stock here: time kind of got warped by the Scamdemic. 2020 3-11-20 was the announcement of “global pandemic” and then the Warp Speed. Proving that Trump is not a Stable Genius, he may be stable, but definitely not a Genius. I thought he had some type of strategy related to Fauci, scarf lady, and the injections. He didn’t. Even in the last weeks, he was still touting himself as the force behind “the injections”. I think he rarely gets people in front of him that are willing to present non-conventional opinions. So here was my email Jan 1, 2022 = 111 222.

I hope this is a good warning and not a playbook ———————————

They will admit that the Vaccine was a “solution” to almost all of the Earth’s problems. You all should be proud that you made yourself 15% less fertile, as the earth will benefit from less people. We will be rolling out tax breaks to Robotic and AI companies. A Plethora of Robots will allow the remaining people to live at higher quality levels. We will all live at higher quality levels and we can all share in this new found wealth.

The AI will help us individually make better decisions: your purchasing decisions will be monitored and if you go off the prescribed course, an intervention will occur. Property ownership is obviously a racist patriarchal system in which those not privy to the system are continuously suppressed in their ability to ever reach the affluent life. We can all live the affluent life with our Robots servant and producers when we all give up individual property rights.

The vaccines come in many types, and now that you have Antibody Dependent Enhancement ADE meaning an overblown immune response when challenged with a new variant, Pfizer has perfected a system for targeted boosters developed within 45 days. A fringe group of greedy psychopaths who could care less about the rest of society, and sociopathically cannot even empathize that they are putting all of society at risk by not taking the vaccines will be treated. Some may be cured by custom State Provided Injections.

Because we sent each batch of custom vaccine to at least 20 different states, we now know exactly how our initial 4000 various batches affects the populations, in different demographics and States and even temperatures so problem areas of the country can get custom vaccines to push that area to greater prosperity and affluence. Some individuals who still refuse to join the People’s Affluence Movement (PAM), will receive mental health screenings and AI robots will use repetition to get rid of harmful and hateful ways of thinking.

The vaccine is all we need to solve all problems and let everyone live their best life. Follow the science, have faith in the science. The James Webb telescope has now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no grand creator, no God, and that is why it was launched on Christmas day….your real savior is science formed by our great computers in our hallowed halls. It’s one for all and all for one!

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