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Fire Sale Maui! And So It Begins, Condo Worth $850,000 Sells for $140,000

stock here, the Condo is burnt down. Effectively they are buying the right to rebuild in a “zone”. However, it seems to be accepted fact that “we have no idea what the Government will allow” and maybe the Condo cannot be rebuilt. It seems defeatist, as if the people have been brow beat, and understand in their beaten state, as the Gov pumps it’s chest and demands “Look at ME, I did this to YOU”

2 replies on “Fire Sale Maui! And So It Begins, Condo Worth $850,000 Sells for $140,000”

Folks gotta face it: the colonialism that made modern hotel Hawaii was and is
doomed. I was at Ka’anapali years ago,
and took special notice of the SouthSeas guys they brought in specially to climb and prune the coconut trees. Trying to put these guys in a hotel job would be ridiculous. The Social separation sold to us as a melting pot is
painful for the open heart to experience.
I wanted to be at the beach in my younger days, and I miss it, but I know
that we are in for a cataclysmic episode,
as Bible says “the oceans leave their beds”. It would be interesting to see how
many “ Hawaiian-Samoan-Portagee “
people have made the Survival Exodus
from Maui to Utah and other Mainland places. The resort-class new Maui developers only need Robots now,
not pesky peasant humans. The big
Slosh will wipe away all that Vanity, and
the new Island will break the surface, and
Mauna Loa and all will be throwing bombs and Pele will be angry.

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