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15 Minute Cities

stock here: seen this on ZH, thought it was worth sharing: Think Lahaina too, LOL yesterday I got a trouble call from Lahaina, for solar, no kidding. I disagree on the EV comment, but note he is a “premium” ZH user

2 days ago

If you are white they are coming for your assets, for

  1. cLIEmate change – eminent domain for carbon capture pipelines and tanks, and UN/WEF determines how much living space you are allowed
  2. got to house the illegal immigrant invaders, you Americans “have had it good for far too long”
  3. CCP and WEF need more American farmlands
  4. UN needs your land to re-wild it, you need to be crammed into a 15 minute C40 open air prison where you will be over surveilled, also easier for big pharma to make more money with their lab made plandemics and the lab made mandated mRNA genetic weapon injection “shots”


2 days ago

The rich and powerful are so good at manipulating the masses.   but there is one conservative conspiracy that bothers me.  The energy industry polluters have convinced conservatives that renewable energy and EVs are a threat to them.  actually, if we don’t build renewable energy resources domestically and don’t have car companies that sell affordable EV cars, they we will become a second-class country.  those are technologies of the future, not oil.    It is already cheaper to build a new solar power installation than a natural gas electrical plant.  EVs are less than 5 years away from offering better value and performance in all price categories than ICE cars.

Republicans dont need to be Luddites.

stock here: I admit I was wrong on 2 things. One, that they would never run a child abusing dementia old white man, and Two: That there would be any vaccine against SARS-2. Early on, I did my research on SARS-1, and they tried for a decade on every sort of Injection and Vaccine, and finally gave up. The biggest takeaway is that somehow, Ferrets have immune systems similar to Humans. And in their SARs-1 experiments, all the Ferrets died. They also did testing on Monkeys, and about 13% died. I guess in a way I was right, they didn’t release a “vaccine” and then they not so subtly, as we caught them red handed, changing the definition of what a vaccine is, all part of the scam to issue an EUA Emergency use authorization. Here is more on the old white guy. The ultimate white trash family.

Biden has always been a small-time, small-state, crooked political hack. At root, a shakedown artist for two-bit political favors (“I see you have yet to contribute to the campaign; shame about that sidewalk outside that will never get fixed.”) Sure… He spent (too many ) yrs in the Senate and came into more power via tenure. But he was always a blustering oaf, pretending to be a profound actor on the stage of politics. Senator Plagiarism, in keeping with law student plagiarist. 

Way back, Biden’s grandfather lived well.  Worked for the old Amoco Oil Co and made good money, enough to be part of the upper class horsey set. During 1930s Depression, the Clan Biden hit hard times and moved down. By late 1930s Biden’s dad was in the asphalt business, and during WWII even cheated the Navy on several contracts, per govt investigation.

Point is… Biden grew up in a household that had known money but fell from grace… Hence the jealousy and money-grubbing rooted in his earliest upbringing. Family of cheats and grifters…  But yeah, 81 million (votes). 

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