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Language and Thought Control — Podcast Analysis From a Psychological Perspective

Several people on the “Dark Horse” mentioned this Guys Podcast “Disaffected”. His name is Joshua Slocum, so I assume he is Jewish with the Joshua name. This is my first view of this guy, so take that for what it’s worth. So far so good, please leave your thoughts also. Especially if you have been following him.

And PLEASE! Watch on Rumble. Defund big tech, defund YouTube. It might take an extra 20 seconds or so to avoid YouTube even if it was presented on YouTube. And keep in mind, it is only a matter of time before Big Crime with seemingly endless resources from their Crimes….will buy out Rumble or Bitchute.

He criticizes the ACLU and John McWhorter from Columbia University. Of course he is a leftist, and a linguist. He resigned from substack where he had a good following. He was offered a position with the NYT, obviously as a strategy to get him away from Substack, and more control his writings, staying away from the real truths.


And below is the DarkHorse on Rumble, it appears that only a few DarkHorse Episodes have been put on Rumble, what of Bitchute, I am on it.


Dr. Vernon Coleman “An Old Man And A Chair” and lots of paper notes!!! Interviews with the same Doctor Geert.


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