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4 replies on “RedBalloon — A Job Site For Libertarians / VXX Choice”

Oh, goody! MOAR opportunities to self-identify by those clearly well into identitarianism. Let’s all get together in one place so that (((they))) can NUKE us! Or pull a single plug to disconnect all of us at the same time.

I did not make up the word IDENTITARIANISM. Someone beat me to it.
“The Identitarian movement or Identitarianism is a pan-European nationalist, far-right political ideology asserting the right of Europeans and peoples of European descent to culture and territories claimed to belong exclusively to them. Originating in France as Les Identitaires (“The Identitarians”), with its youth wing Generation Identity, the movement expanded to other European countries …”

Sore point: We shall see what, if anything becomes of http://www.darkmoon.me, a site I appreciated, respected, and on whose comment boards I participated. Dedicated in part to poetry, ADMINs graciously allowed me to post poetry there, too. GONE in a FLASH! Maybe just technical difficulties? First inaccessible in the UK (its ostensible origins), then other countries. We shall see. Other sites (like Greencrow in Canada), gone for good, and, like the Phoenix, maybe, likely to rise again from the strewn about 0’s and 1’s, like Humpty Dumpty, not to be put back together again.

This self-identifying, glomming together, seems a bad strategy to me. One thing to have a “jobs listing”, another to attract “libertarians”, whatever, whoever that is. Not one I self-identify with, anyway. I identify with no -ISMs, including libertarianism, which rhymes with identitarianism, doesn’t it?

Peace and love and joy be our hearts’ content, always. Back to work….

Not here! ‘Cept “winter” in the sense of Sun position relative to Earth and the Gregorian calendar….

Before in NorCal, during entire years, for more than a decade, I watched as the Sun appeared to “rise” — on April 28 and the date of the corresponding southward trek in the Fall, right outside, shining into my bedroom window.

Here, the Sun almost rose and touched the crescent of a high “mountain” to our northeast on June 21, 2021. By December 21, 2021, the Sun will appear almost directly across the entire length of Lake Chapala, the principal axis lying slightly offset from true East-West!

Now, as the angle of sunlight decreases relative to the horizon, broad swaths of lake-reflected sunlight, with intense sparkling to boot, begin with the first peek of the Sun and last through most the day.

Yes, a non-geologically induced “winter” appears coming soon. We be forewarned up the Wazoo. As with THE LORD, no man knows the time. Pretend it’s tomorrow (which never comes, but, like I say, PRETEND) and do what you can today to make the experience livable.

thanks for the slice of life. I always respond well to deadlines, and mother nature is a mean bitch in that regards.

That said the Hoop House was running at 82F yesterday, and the compost heap was back up to 120F

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