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Draft post of interesting comments seen on a Sal YouTube

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Fred Jewett4 hrs ago·edited 4 hrs agoI saw the following in another article. A senior engineer reported his opinion of what transpired on the Dali based on what he observed and what he knows of normal practice .Michael Buckley III 24mAs a Chief Engineer for 20 years with Maersk Lines, onboard a container ship and watching the video I believe only certain events could have taken place.XA ship that size has 4 generators, 3 of them should be running & online to support all the engine room machinery, deck machinery, house load, including both a very large (KW), bow thruster, and stern thruster motor, used during maneuvering in & out of port.In order to lose all three generators, and ships power, would be caused by 2 things only: Drop of fuel pressure, or the machinery electrical computer system failed, both causing the generator main power breakers to open, loosing all power, as seen on the video. Once a ships power is lost (lights going out the first time), the ship’s Emergency Generator comes on & is designed to restart a generator engine & re-supply power to the entire ship (lights coming back on). Shortly after the lights come on the Captain realized he was on a collision course for the bridge, he put the ship in Full Astern, causing full fuel pressure to the Main Engine, (black smoke from the stack). The loss of power the second time (lights went out again), was caused by a power surge to the one generator that was supplying all machinery systems, including the Bow Thruster, which the Captain at a last attempt, requested max power to the Bow Thruster, tripping the power back off. When a ship loses power, it loses all steering until the Emergency Generator starts & supplies power to the Steering Hydraulic pumps. Once the power was lost the second time, the vessel course could not be changed, travelling at 9 knots, and collided with the bridge. Michae E. Buckley III.Chief EngineerMaersk Line LtdThat is his view, my take on the combination of engines astern combined with full port rudder is the stern would swing to the port side due to starboard side astern thrust action causing ship to rotate its heading to starboard and port side suction drawing in water from port side of rudder and helping to swing to starboard.

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randall stoehrrandall’s Substack 3 hrs agoThe Dali Nailed a concrete dock a few years back really hard amidships grinding all the paint off of her at below deck rail elevation. No thrusters helping out on that approach.

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randall stoehrrandall’s Substack 4 hrs agoWas the DALI even equipped with modern Bow Thrusters Port and Starboard? She Required 2 tugs to pull off docking and made a perfect u turn with assisting tugs in center of channel. Only after the DALI was under 1/4 power and heading arrow straight for under the center of bridge did the tugs let her loose and turn back into the docks of the bays.

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Fred Jewett3 hrs ago·edited 3 hrs agoYes, the Dali had a single bow thruster of 4000 hp. Definitely a big block load to drop on itsset of 4 generators totalling about 18 megawatts assuming they are paralleled worse if not all generators running or other significant loads were running. see Wikipedia entry below.Note that bow and stern thrusters are used for manoeuvring close to dock at minimal speed and not intended for use while underway. They are weak.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Dali

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randall stoehrrandall’s Substack 3 hrs agoI do realize there is no real direct iron shaft like an outboard or a stern drive vessel.More like a locomotive as diesel powers generators that power traction motors that are more like giant drill motor at each iron wheel. The DALI has similar drive systems to drive the shaft outbound of the giant screw(Propellers weight a ton) There are no brakes on ships.

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randall stoehrrandall’s Substack 3 hrs agoGreat diagnostics Fred. I think the crew and Capt. were very tired and even more so unprepared to maneuver DALI.

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Fred Jewett3 hrs agoI am open to either accident and intentional act. It has been reported that 1 minute of the black box data recordings were missing when the power went out. I assume that the black box should have battery backup. According to current information the rudder requires power from the generators to operate so no power, no main or back up rudder control. It also seems that no power means no transmission of systems data to the black box. If a fuel contamination problem occurred then that might explain the loss of power however my understanding is the main diesel and the 4 generators may have used different fuels.

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randall stoehrrandall’s Substack 3 hrs agoGot it. But like all things computer, the dang thing often must reboot the entire system back to start up . Takes time if this is the case. It double checks prior to allow a reboot. ??

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Although may be some truth, I think they are intentionally trying to create a pre-excuse for both their ineptness, and also because I think they want to stretch out the collateral damage as long as possible, so “Biden” can save the day…LOL

Once again I Thank You for your service
you’re providing here. A YouTuber I’ve looked at a few times recently, has now
revealed himself to be a disinfo tool,
and comments indicate that his longtime followers say he’s acting
nervous and forced into saying BS
about oversized container ships and
Electrical failures, backed up by Stooge
ex-Captains claiming this is As Wrote by
the “Authorities”, and then allowing the
comments to include lengthy real Navy
vets’ calling BULL.
One commenter on these threads said
they received “Prophecy” that kidnapped kids are in some of those

Kids are not going to be transported in containers, their adrenochrome and overall “usefullness” is far too valuable for those psychopaths.

Makes sense, l haven’t delved into
the adrenochrome story. Here in the
ABQ radio market, the “conservative “
station has their commentary weekend anchors dutifully carrying
the ball: these bridges and channels
were never intended for these huge
container ships. Let’s use the example of parking structures built in the sixties, now compromised by much heavier and bulkier SUVs… they have
passed around the script for all to
read from. These same folks carry on
the “right wing” perverse rap that we
need to get back to “renewable” nuke
power. A particular famous Drive-time
radio jock has gone in whole hog like
obviously if you want a better paycheck, you gotta doo what da boss says, and so no intelligent deviation from script is allowed, when
call-in comments are heard.

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