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Top 5 reasons the BALTIMORE BRIDGE destruction was likely an INSIDE JOB rather than an “accident” or “cyber attack”

stock here: Natural News had this take, they don’t get into the Angles, Speed, Sizes, and Physics as I have done. Here

Baltimore Infrastructure Attack. Confirmed. This Was No Accident

Top 5 reasons the Baltimore Bridge destruction was likely an inside job rather than an “accidental crash” or “cyber attack”

  1. Mainstream media immediately worked in tandem to call it an accident across all fake new media, including internet print, radio and television news.
  2. This bridge destruction cripples the supply of gasoline-powered vehicles for years to come, fueling the communist installation of government-controlled electric vehicles for the fake “climate change” agenda.
  3. The port was a major thoroughfare for fuels that keep the U.S. economy functional, which the Biden Regime wants to cripple for more control of the population.
  4. This is a huge hit to U.S. infrastructure, just like burning down food production facilities, fertilizer plants and other resource structures needed to feed the populace.
  5. This is just another brick in the wall for cementing the communist overthrow of the Republic, so expect many more bridges and tunnels to be “accidentally” destroyed by the Biden Regime soon.

One reply on “Top 5 reasons the BALTIMORE BRIDGE destruction was likely an INSIDE JOB rather than an “accident” or “cyber attack””

I was quick to assign blame to
the Heathen Chinee, considering the
saber-rattling over Taiwan and the
overall domination they are exerting.
But we I say “we” blew up the Russki
Nordstream gas line, brazenly pushing
the Ukrainian war, etc. and now, the
possibly deadliest blow— favoring the
anti-Israel forces, with 9/11 in mind, they
Can reach out and “touch” someone!
Boom there went your freeking economy in one Fell Swoop, as older English fans might say…

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