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Lauren Boebert Undergoes Emergency Surgery — Blood Clots, followed by a Hit Job

stock here: been meaning to write this a long time. Everyone on the planet should be taking an anti-clotting agent, even if you are a Pure Blood. Hint aspirin. The Injections, aka mRNA “vaccines” have blood clotting as one of their principle effects.

I flew for about 16 total hours, being subjected to around 300 people in tight formation, and certainly some of them were recently injected with mRNA. Shedding is a real thing.

Now “they” have a hit job on her of being publicly drunk.

The story itself contradicts the headline, but you know those “truth seekers” are fine with just the headline, as it confirms their biases.


Boebert was not cut off from alcohol, insiders told The Post Saturday — but she had irritated Trump during the event.

“She came over between Gavin Wax and President Trump and tried to take a selfies with the two of them. After taking a few and being unhappy with how they looked she tried to take more selfies but she was pushed away by President Trump who said, ‘That’s enough,’” one witness said.

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