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Ukraine: Using Dead and Dying Infantry for No Consent Organ Harvesting

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h/tip Lot’s Wife

Between the child trafficking (mostly sex games and adrenochrome) it should have been expected that in this most corrupt of nations, that the military honchos would be profiting by selling off the organs of their forced conscription military men.

————————— Wife had this to say

The nearest approximation in American vernacular: a chop shop in southeast LA dealing in high-value cars. But these parts can’t be hidden in a junkyard until the right buyer comes along. They are precious materials with a short shelf life and must be expedited with speed and care. Rough excisions, bruising, and improper transit decreases sales value. https://rumble.com/v4lpt69-a-true-confession-of-a-transplantologist-in-ukraine.html

When war comes to US soil, an LLC with Pentagon certification will fulfill a similar mission. Americans killed (or wounded) defending their homes will be parted-out and sold to ailing Chinese or Russian oligarchs. In recovery, they’ll joke with bedside visitors about their new hood ornaments. Died in America.

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