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“They” Want Every Candidate Tarnished. Hit Job on RFK Junior.

stock here: MSN of course, just one of the worst offenders of Media.

RFK Jr Repeats Putin Propaganda In “Very Disturbing” Interview


Parkhomenko writes: “Straight out of Putin’s talking points and out of RFK Jr.’s mouth – here he is saying Putin merely wanted to ‘de-nazify’ Ukraine. Literally pure Putin propaganda for the invasion and war of Ukraine.”

Kennedy, who is against sending more aid to Ukraine and has said the US role in Ukraine is “terrible for the Ukrainian people.” Kennedy then asserted: “Look, Putin said ‘I don’t want to go into Crimea, let’s negotiate a peace deal.’”

stock here: its funny, kind of….they claim that “Kennedy Claims”

Kennedy claimed Putin proposed a peace deal contingent on three things: 1) Putin “wanted to keep NATO out of Ukraine”; 2) “he wanted to de-nazify Ukrainian government”; and 3) to keep Crimea a “semi-autonomous region of Russia just like Quebec is a semi-autonomous region of Canada.”

That is not a claim, It is a true statement. Early on, Putin established that one goal was de-nazi-fication of Ukraine, and I observed early on, that would require having at least temporary control of all of Ukraine.

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