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Expect A Number of Coordinated Hit Jobs On Aaron Rodgers

As the Sunday Packers game against the Chiefs hobbled to a conclusion, it became obvious to me that under the divide and create outrage meme, Aaron Rodger, and probably the Packers too, would become target of an organized hit job


Let’s see how it plays out. Send in some hit jobs you see in the making….

See what happens when you don’t get vxxd? You go from World Champions to losers. BTW Green Bay lost, and never really had a chance.

I also predict some hit jobs on the Fiance. She is an actress in HBO “Big Little Lies” and “Divergent” Which is a Dystopian Sci-Fi series of movies which I never saw but looks interesting. Especially after some recent un-published work on Briggs Meiers Personality theories and testing.

Roth’s story never had that clarity. Its muddled plot is set in postapocalyptic Chicago, where everyone over 16 is divided into five personality-based factions in order to prevent society from falling into the destructive chaos that led to the end of the United States.

LOL Kind of like those that navigate through life viewed by thinking compared to those who navigate life based on their feelings and feeling about how things should be and should work.

The media treated her fairly nice just months ago.


But that honeymoon is going to come to a screaching halt, in fact it already has. She share this quote on instagram, which I think is timely and powerful. But MSM tries to frame it as “Cryptic” when it is completely clear cut.


Shameful MSM


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