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Newsweek and Mockingbird-ness?

stock here: Newsweek is suspect as hell because they were the recipient of a leak a few months back. Sorry that was more Mockingbird bullshit…. leakers don’t go to Newsweek. So I thought this Newsweek female had to be a real dirt bag, and it’s not true. Although she does get many of the important stories wrong.


Newsweek…I found the story, they were used to relay the threat that Trump Supporters were / are going to be investigated and harassed.

Where is the Overton Window…..Ben Shapiro states that Dailywire has an Overton Window. So I fired the bitch.

One reply on “Newsweek and Mockingbird-ness?”

Hey well Stock, I hope this doesn’t
mark the “final solution” for your blog.
I noticed you had posted stuff a few days ago which was several links camouflaged by boldface and letters replaced, etc. The same, I think, as over at Rense. So my suspicion is that you’ve attracted enough attention from the agents of Sauron, ( if you ever dug Tolkien), that you’re truth-telling is under
Cyber Attack!! Just in time for the Coronal Mass Ejection attack! Hilina
slump slides and stirs the wadda!
I hope you are well and have Backup!

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