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RFJ Jr. Nailed How the “Vaccine” Narrative Would Play Out from 98% Effective to 25% Effective, But “You Don’t Die Now”

stock here: RFK jr, gets some thing wrong, very wrong, but he nailed this. In 2020, I was like “there will never be a COVID (SARS-2) vaccine, because for a decade they failed on all the SARs-1 vaccines”.

Sorry this in Linkedin, so you may not be able to view unless you create a fake account. It is odd, because there is more truth being spoken on Linkedin than elsewhere, except maybe Twitter, but on Twitter, it is the whole gamut of everything.

I was wrong on the “vaccine”, I was shocked they rolled this shit out. RFJ jr. saw it clearly going to occur, and how it would fail, and how they would lie as it failed.

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