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WEF and Gates Advocated a Global Injection Campaign

stock here, this is a good one.

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You know, as one that was raised
in this rock’n’roll era…
the truth telling and lawsuits will
reveal all the intentional destruction and degradation, the evil planning,
Just like the collusion case that
destroyed the LA blue and red line
train system in favor of the automobile,
gasoline and tire companies. Yes they
illegally wrecked a great system, but
The judgement was One Dollar, and
could be justified that this was a victory
for the individual business person rather
than a factory-slave-transport system.
So, the Sierra Clubber, Save the World
propaganda means really Reducing
population, or else it’s All re-arranging
the proverbial deckchairs on the doomed Titanic, so Hero Gates and
“Heil Fauci!”, the bosses will say…
I drove a disabled buddy to his first
doctor appointment in years, just
yesterday. They are pushing for him
to get the Shots, the Boosters, the Flu
shot, the Pneumonia shot, Shingles shot
and I have to say he’s one that you might judge as being a useless parasite on our system, one that can be justifiably Triaged into the terminal list.
These Shots should do the Trick.

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