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The Ohio Presidential Filing Debacle, It Sure Is Curious, Portends The Last Minute Switcharoo

If you won’t vote for Kamala Harris or big Mike, then you are a racist, xenophobic, misogynist, and fully Deplorable.

Are the Dems so focused on their own machinations and evils that they couldn’t even find the spreadsheet that has all the filing dates?

Or is this just another distraction as they plan to steal your freedom and sovereignty under the “One World Gov is the only thing that can fix the greatest countries USA and Israel.”

Or do they know they got the Commie Governor support in Ohio to get him or someone on the ballot no matter what?

Are they delaying to the last possible minute and beyond in order to perform a switcheroo. Polls show Biden losing ground, and those polls already lie as much as is humanly, AI, and computerly possible.

Did I miss something?

stock out, mooch out.

3 replies on “The Ohio Presidential Filing Debacle, It Sure Is Curious, Portends The Last Minute Switcharoo”

Well we remember Senator Wellstone,
They managed to get the family too,
to wrap up the package.
They say that our bad guy Agency
Crashed a plane on takeoff killing 40-something people to get the one they
wanted to get, back in the sixties.
Talking line of succession, they find a
way to off everyone but their chosen
Speaker Johnson! A good boy, he’ll do what he’s told.

You know Tom Clancy wrote “Without Remorse” and describes a bad cat
foreign agent within the administration being finally Suicided.
It seems that everyone will take the
Chinese money, allow the SHTF to
disrupt the country, and these paid-off idiots think that they are safe in
their gated security zone from the
street warfare that they themselves created. The open info hackable world means we need a Judge Dredd.
Non-buyable, Not influenced by any
enemy mafia power. The elections have always been rigged.

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