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Study Finds That Female Names Are Given Much Less Censorship/Banning Than Male Names, Factor of 4 to 1

stock here: through an email group of Data Mavens the titled very interesting response was found.

This complements and amplifies, redirects my own theory that if you give power to an unattractive female, you know what they will do? Anything their handlers tell them to do. And it’s even better is they are kind of weird also. Hence ACD writes and ponders, that maybe is why so many females have been placed in high positions of our capture government….they will get away with a lot more before they are attacked, removed. Think Walensky, and that thing in Chicago, or the Strawberry fruitcake.

We may all produce some particularly poignant anti-narrative epidemiological studies, and to get them to get traction before being banned (yet again) it may be useful to channel one’s feminine side!

Researcher Trevor writes: a summary of my recent informal study of writer gender effects:

1. Situation. A local website (discussion forums used mainly by locals) that is tightly controlled by the evil-doers (several yids, paid influencers, heavy moderation).
2. Content posted. I posted factual information about pan-vax (quotes and links to medical studies, evidence of genocide, etc).
3. Gender identities. I posted using either (a) male names, (b) gender-ambiguous names, or (c) a female name (I only needed one female name).
4. Results. (a) My male names rarely achieved more than 10 posts before they were banned; (b) My gender-ambiguous names achieved somewhat higher post counts before banning; but (c) My female name achieved the highest post-counts — more than twice (a) and (b) combined.
5. Implications. These findings suggest that in a heavily-controlled (anti-truth) online environment, a male using a female identity can communicate a relatively high amount of establishment-threatening information.

Incidentally, this study involved a huge amount of my time, not only in posting all the content but also in setting up many different e-mail addresses, registering new online identities, and routing my forum access by different IP addresses.

Forum views increased sharply during the time (several months) that I posted as a female. Moderators and others seemed to be more curious than threatened by the ‘female’ contributions. As you likely know, male vs female behaviour is interpreted differently, e.g. less severe sentences for female criminals.


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