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5% of the Jabs = 90% of The Death / Heart Attacks / Strokes

Analysis of 143,299 VAERS Reports, 5% of the Batches Account for Almost All the Serious Adverse Events

I’ll be backing up and then migrating to WordPress. Data Mavens may want to check the data and work—-it a Tome at 250MB. 

This is the complete record, it’s a download link. 

I made quite a few charts and such. no password


This is the whole record, most batches have just 0,1, or 2 adverse events. The special ones are in chart 2. 

 I was also curious about  of these serious events, which Batches ended up in more Death, and there was quite a spread.   Some batches didn’t just put you in the hospital, they full on killed you. 

But Some Batches could only be described as “Kill Shots”

Vaxxed to Dead Days make it clear that it kills pretty quickly if it is going to kill.   Also noted that Dead people don’t report themselves as Dead.

———————————  It could easily have been seen that this Batch 213C21A was Killing and Maiming a lot of people in August. They could have easily detected that and pulled all the product for destruction and/or analysis.  

2 replies on “5% of the Jabs = 90% of The Death / Heart Attacks / Strokes”

Big Mahalo Plowboy, Kirsch is doing excellent work, he must be a multi millionaire too.

I will send to everyone on my mailing lists.

Watching this play out in real time is gas-lit material.

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