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CNN Is Now Attacking Harris: Plot, Destroy Harris, Force Her Out, Replace With Hillary, and Then 25 the Biden Entity


There it is in a nutshell folks. It may not be the total answer, or it may change. But it is a hypothesis that fits the data. Many have assumed the Biden would be 25’d, and then Harris would be President. I think even the lefties now realize how decrepit Harris is, so it makes sense to just remove her entirely. Hillary and Chucky! Indeed at that point if the military didn’t step in, I would say the battle is over, and I can only imagine that the military has become even more left leaning even in the last 11 months.

That’s a pretty non-flattering photo also.

Oh My! Even someone from San Fran should be ashamed to write the paragraph below…..

The “invisible” Vice President is a narrative propagated by conservatives to instill the same old tropes about Black people who began to hold political office after the Civil War: incompetent, incapable of leadership, lazy, and shiftless. Did we forget about Pence, Cheney, Quail, Agnew, and that near-miss of a stellar Republican VP hopeful, Sarah Palin? Republicans shouldn’t be allowed to propagate this double standard, and Democrats shouldn’t fall so easily for the sleight of hand. Harris’ attacks occur because of her winning track record and competence, potentially threatening political leaders on both sides of the aisle.


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