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LinkedIn IS POS, They Will Use It to Dox You

5 tips to avoid being cancelled by LinkedIn I’m suspended on LinkedIn again. If you want to avoid getting cancelled, stop using it for anything that goes against what the government tells people to do. You know, like in China.   Steve Kirsch Dec 12 Comment Share I’m down to around one post a month on LinkedIn in order to avoid censorship, but apparently even that is too often as my LinkedIn account is suspended again. I suspect I no longer exist and that everything I’ve written in the past is now “gone” from view. I think one of my last actions was to re-post one of Robert Malone’s posts. But I can’t reference my account to find out since I’m locked out. For those of you still with LinkedIn accounts, to avoid being cancelled, my best tip is simply to stop using it. That will be what I will do going forward if my account is ever restored. If you must use it, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when composing messages: The vaccines are safe and effective (even when the data says otherwise).Masks work (even though the studies say they don’t work at all).The CDC and FDA are always right (even though this is becoming a rarity). Follow their guidance without question.Early treatments don’t work and should be avoided (even though they can save your life).Censorship is good. Anyone who disagrees with the government is evil and should be censored, mocked, and scorned. Don’t refer to anyone on the government’s Disinformation Dozen list. You want to disavow any I think if you stick to those 5 tips you may be able to avoid being cancelled on LinkedIn. Comment Share You’re a free subscriber to Steve Kirsch’s newsletter. For the full experience, become a paid subscriber. Subscribe © 2021 Steve Kirsch Unsubscribe
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