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Big Tech Censorship — We Have a Way to Stop It

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Time for you to take action

I need you to make a phone call. Will you do that?

Steve Kirsch13 hr ago

The most important lesson we learned from Auschwitz was not to sit on the sidelines when injustice is happening around you.

If we are going to get the truth out, you must take action.

The good news is that my ask is very simple and will only take a couple of minutes.

I need each one of you reading this article to make one phone call on Monday for me.

OPED: We Need Congressional Term Limits | Representative Jake LaTurner

Will you do that? Please call either your House member or one of your Senators (your choice) and ask the staff member who answers (you’ll never get the Member herself) the question:

“Does Congressperson X support censorship of the truthful speech by social media platforms?”


  1. Form to get their numbers
  2. Form to report their response:

You may have to call back. Keep calling until you get an answer. One phone call. If you want to call all three of your representatives, that’s OK too, but just one call is all we need.

I’ll publish the results and then we’ll take the next step.

I want to get these people on record. That is the first baby step towards dismantling the mass formation that we are all currently experiencing.

Censorship is a required to keep the whole operation running. If we can defeat the censorship, the whole thing falls apart because it allows the truth to surface.

Step 2 will be revealed on Monday. You’ll like it.

This is just Step 1 in the plan to takedown the false narrative.

I’ll talk about Step 2 on Monday, and you’ll have dozens of choices for how you can get involved and BE IN THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENS.

Example social media post

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. This tweet is truthful and factual.

Within hours:

If they want an example to react to, provide this example.

Ask them: “Does Representative X support terminating this person’s account for truthful speech like that?”

If they say “yes,” then you should tell them exactly what you think of the Representative. Four-letter words are OK and appropriate here.

You want to make sure the staff person taking the call fully understands your position.

America used to prize free speech

The America I grew up in, prized free speech and open debate.

I believe the current Congress and Biden Administration doesn’t believe in free speech on modern platforms. I think they want to control it to only support their agenda.

Let’s find out where they stand. This question is the start of the journey.

Are social networks “private businesses”?

One could argue that the government shouldn’t meddle into private businesses.

But they do that today. Mask requirements and vaccine mandates are a perfect example of meddling that are “presumed to be” for the public good.

Does limiting a social network’s power to censor truth cause the social network undue harm? I don’t think so.

These social networks are akin to a modern day version of the “town square” and censoring people’s ability to speak the truth in these virtual town squares seems contrary to the principles underlying free speech that is essential for a free society to function. Otherwise, government can control the narrative like they do now where people are exposed to only one side of issues of key public importance.

Once we get this softball question out of the way, the next question is whether the US government should have a list of people who should be censored. Is censorship now a standard part of how the government treats citizens? Are we going to go from a list of 13 people to a list of 13,000 and then 130,000 people?

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