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Operation Mockingbird Elevated to a New Level With Big Tech / Big Spy

Submitted by Lot’s Wife

There’s no pride in believing noxious and false claims. But if TV says it’s true, it’s the rule. Most Americans go along because letting sleeping dogs lie is convenient. There’s no sense in swatting a hornets’ nest, if the threat can be ignored, lived with, tolerated, or it’s decided, in the name of ‘peace’, to allow sacrificial losses.

Covid’s hidden story:

In the name of keeping peace with the federal government and its big pharma partners, children are being thrown into the fires of hell. Should the claim make you blanch and turn away, that impulse – the rejection of authentic voices that question the status quo – must be named: Fear and cowardice. Stroked and driven by media fabrications (Operation Mockingbird), too many Americans tip-toe rather than confront this generation’s controllers. It’s shameful.


In this regard, it’s instructive to remember that when Nazis moved people from cities to work camps, the first roundups were lightening raids targeting people with criminal records. Later, when the general public was ordered to prepare to leave cities, people obeyed with little resistance. They accepted lies about better conditions and climbed aboard waiting trains, passenger coaches and freight cars. 

History doesn’t repeat but it rhymes: Pharma karma, cancer trauma; own nothing, be happy. Change the tune; get squinty-eyed…or wish you did.

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Robot Wars, Battle Bots were TV shows featuring independent Creators making amazing machines. Also flying Drones were to take over delivery service. Nope, totally stifled ideas now, by TV gods.

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