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60X increase in athletes dropping on the sports field is just a fluke according to “Fact Chekers”

stock here, great writeup by Steve Kirsch

Immediately below is the Twitter bullshit.


The fact checkers say it is just a fluke. None of the incidents were vaccine related. One player may have had COVID before. One player wasn’t vaccinated. So nothing at all to see here. Move along.

 Steve Kirsch Dec 22 Comment Share

athlete cardiac arrests, collapses, deaths chart 20211210

I’ve been waiting for the explanation for the 60X increase in rate of players dropping on the sports field.

Here it is from Twitter: “In many of the cases, the athlete in question collapsed due to causes such as dehydration and overheating.”

Of course! That explains it!

As you can see, the fact checkers didn’t look at a single autopsy report, but they assure us there is absolutely NOTHING to worry about. These athletes couldn’t possibly have been affected by the vaccine (just ignore all the reports in VAERS too).

For example, from PolitiFact:

The first person named, Italian soccer player Giuseppe Perrino, died of a heart attack June 2 while playing in a soccer game honoring his brother who had died of a heart attack while cycling in 2018. A headline on a news story about Perrino’s death reads, “Heart attack kills Giuseppe Perrino like brother Rocco.” Stories about his death do not mention COVID-19 vaccination.

See? Because the stories about his death didn’t mention the vaccine, he could not possibly have died from the vaccine. You can bank on this because PolitiFact says so.

So read the Twitter story, then read my story and you decide who is more credible.

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