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Hawaii Slammed by a 4.9 Which Is Huge For Hawaii, Proximate to Solstice

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Any word on what, if anything Michael Janitch (“Dutchsinse”) had to say, before or after? MJ — no, not THAT MJ! — seems to have had his profile lowered quite a bit in recent years, after suffering some hacking and pushback from Power$ That Be.

For those not familiar with his work, Michael “Dutchsinse is one person, Michael Janitch (from St. Louis Missouri). I am a highschool graduate (education wise). Just a person who made some discoveries relating to geophysics, in particular a progression of earthquakes occurring across distances, originating from deep earthquake locations.”

Which, ADMIN, gives rise to a question: Have you spoken with, compared notes with Dutchsinse??

I haven’t. He much like Ben of Suspicious Observers, seems to be more interested in self promotion rather than teaming up on ideas. I have sent Ben some ideas, and I know he follows my site, because he will run a similar story after I run one, but never a hat tip or attribution.

Re-writing geophysics in my spare time…..

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