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USA VXX Deaths 567,000, and Healthy Athletes Dying En Masse

I do, after considerable research and seeing things happen in real time, believe that a much larger agenda is being played out beyond just the Bioweapon outbreak,

and that if mass amounts of us do not wake up to this fact, and act accordingly, that we will all be hoi polloi under subjugation to a Gov/Corp/Technocracy that will not be suitable for the pursuit of happiness.   Here is part of the reason…..

How many folks were familiar with the VAERS reporting system prior to the virus.    How many still don’t know what the VAERS is?

How many have run reports within the VAERS? (its actually pretty easy considering it’s a government database, it way better than say the USGS)

How many have made a report to VAERS?   I have been aware for many years, and I had a severe adverse reaction to the Shingles vaccine last year, and the Jab almost killed my Dad twice this year.   I have not reported those and maybe I should, but who has the time…especially a super busy medical system.

There are 20,244 Jab caused deaths reporting to VAERS this year.    That is more than all the reported deaths from ALL of the other 60 vaccines, for 30 years.    The reporting rate is likely 1 in 40 to 1 in 100.     But by reading through numerous descriptions of the adverse reaction death “report” I would say that 20% to 30% are not really the cause of death. 

Dark image data is from here, they use the VAERS data


So lets take the conservative estimate and use 30% unrelated/barely related = 14,170 Deaths, and use the highest expected reporting rate 1 in 40, that would mean 567,000 Jab caused deaths.     What if that Jab saved 2,000,000 American lives?    How would you feel about those numbers?    Those killed were killed without informed consent for the most part….most everyone I talk to considers it their right to have an opinion about the Jab, but that does not mean informed consent

Is it OK to trick or coerce or mandate someone into their own death, if that death saves 4 others?    As a Libertarian Utilitarian I’d have some real cognitive dissonance with answering that question.

1,800,000 Adverse Events reported due to the Jab, times 40 = 72,000,000 Adverse events in USA?   That “seems” a bit high to me, but that is purely speculation.    How about a thought experiment?

Using www.ourworldindata.org we can quickly see that 240,000,000 Americans got Jabbed at least once, and 11% got Jabbed once and never got the second Jab….why is that?   There is only one answer – because they were so badly affected that they refused  to get Jabbed again, even though they know they will not be considered fully vaccinated.

That’s 26,000,000 Americans were so badly damaged that they did not get the Second Jab.     Now I know quite a few people, like my Dad, who had a terrible reaction and still decided to get a second Jab.    Bad thinking, and Medical malpractice, the second Jabber should have asked him about any reaction, and then referred it up to a Doctor for a go/ nogo decision.    I also know many that had a pretty bad reaction, but also got the second jab anyway.    

So it seems reasonable that 26,000,000 to 72,000,000 Americans have been acutely adversely affected.    This ignores the long term problems which if anyone says they know, they are stupid or lying.    I have seen the fact cheka spouting that “Adverse effects only happen in the first two months”, but to say this in regards to the first ever used mRNA “Vaccine” is RECKLESS.   

Now back to the Athletes Dying Enmasse….I believe I am totally correct in making that statement.     370 Professional Athletes, assumed to have the strongest hearts of course a handful may have hidden conditions that still let them perform at a high level…..In this New England Journal of Medicine very powerful study, only 16 Cardiac Arrests occurred in competitive sports…….among 18.5 MILLION person years of observation (some of those person years were also in non-competitive sports)

I rest my case, please refer to hashtag #FaF (small a)


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