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Obama / Rothschilds Sent Kerry To Issue the Verbal Ultimatum for Pope Benedict to Resign So the Jesuit / Marxist “Pope” Francis Could Push the Great Reset

stock here: I knew that Benedict was sacked intentionally, but not the method. Its always possible they have video of these guys having sex with children.

Articles about when Obama & Rothschilds sent Kerry to the Vatican with an ultimatum for Pope Benedict to resign. For two days Rothschild banks shut all dealings with the Vatican Bank. When Benedict resigned they resumed. Vigano’s right, NO Jesuit Popes in 500 yrs for a reason

Another great article
Did billionaire speculator George Soros, President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, and Obama/Clinton adviser John Podesta conspire to overthrow the conservative Pope Benedict XVI and replace him with a radical, Pope Francis?


This Archibishop breaks it down, and appears to be 97% on the money.
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò – Full Interview – Planet Lockdown

In this exclusive interview we were able to speak with Carlo Maria Viganò, an Archbishop of the Catholic Church. Although not Catholic ourselves, we were struck by the archbishop’s release of the most encompassing text on the myriad issues related to the Covid-19 saga to date last May of 2020

He has been in secret seclusion for the last 4 years over a combination of his speaking out against corruption in the church and entering retirement. His detractors accuse him of personal ambitions, but regardless, the man has a powerful message and is one of the most contemporary controversial and critics of our our current situation and of the Catholic political hierarchy. We asked him about the current situation and how can we historically understand it in context. It is a must listen to understand where we are today.

The interview was done remotely with prerecorded questions and in this release Robert Moynihan is the host.
The interview runs one and a half hours and is dense. We would like to encourage people to broaden their intellects and perspectives and is why we release full interviews to encourage a more thoughtful discourse.

There are some interesting comments on this video, LOL, a bit past the edge but right on target as recognizing the Q operation as an anti-independence psy-op


Francis has now come out and told the Entire world, that he is not Catholic~ That he is a Jew~ a Zionist and that he has come to Deceive~ with a NWO Religion and a NWO Government. It took the Cabal over 2000 years to get their man, that man is Francis, who is the False Prophet~

Paving the way for the person of the Anti-Christ with the Leaders of the Zionists and Muslim Religions~ All Cardinals, Arch-bishops, Bishops, Priest’s, Rabbi’s, Pastors, Ministers, Preachers, who signed on to the World Counsel of Churches are part of this Anti-Christ System through the United Nations. Not all Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Priest’s Rabbi’s, Ministers, Pastors and preachers are part of this but too many are.

We are all created in the Image and likeness of God, These Jabs~ if you survive them, will cause you not to be able to turn your life Around and repent, ask for forgiveness, or Know, Love and Serve Our Lord, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Once they flip the switch on the Frequency on the 5G towers, That Trump gave Billions of Dollars through the cares act to be built all over America and signed the bill for them to be built and also gave the World Warp speed.

Once that certain Frequency is Flipped you won’t be able to convert your life to Jesus. There is no time left, Convert now, Repent, Keep Our Lords Commandments. Pray, Fast, Change your lives while you still can. Q is nothing more then a Psyop to control Americans so we don’t fight back. The Definition of a Psyop is: psyop (ˈsaɪˌɒp)
na military operation performed by a unit specializing in psychological Warfare.

Q is a Psyop at least i’am Convinced that Q is a Psyop and Anon’s Thinking they are doing the right thing are actually helping in this Psyop~ weather they know it or not. As i have listened to some of them Talking about the Jesus Strand~ That Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a Child That is one lie~ The other lie is that Mary Magdalene is the Daughter of Jesus both of these are lies that came from the French Freemasons out of the French Revolution, which was spread back then to Destroy all of Christianity.

Now Q and some of the Anon’s are saying both of these lies and telling their followers that Trump and JFK JR. are Descendants Of Jesus Christ through St. Mary Magdalene. The French Revolution was to Destroy Christianity, and these are the two lies they were using then and these are the two lies they are using now. here is another definition of psyop:https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/psyops. These Pysop’s are being used on Americans to keep us placated to keep Americans from fighting back until they can disarm all Americans and at that point, Americans won’t be able to fight back.

Convert now, Turn to Jesus now while you still can. Take your Children out of the School Systems weather private or Public they are Indoctrinating all of our Children World wide. Home school them and watch them like a Hawk. They want your Children, they want everyone Dead or Controlled. God Bless you all, Repent, Fast, Pray and Turn your life over to the Holy Trinity.

Reject These lies of the Jesus Strand, reject the Jabs. We can over come this but not without God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Stop pointing fingers at each others Religions and faith~ Stand together, They want us fighting each other , So we don’t fight or look at them. Even When President trump lies to your Face and states he got 2 of the Pfizer Jabs knowing full well that Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and Arstrazentica Employees and all of Congress and the Senate are Except from getting these and Pelosi, and any in our Government faked getting the jab,

I mean the cap was still on~ and Ivanka Faked getting 2 Jabs Admitted it and Apologized, She left her Christian Faith and married Jared Kushner, Kushner Bought a Building on 5th Ave number 666 Spending way more then what it was worth, he was obsessed with buying it. without any Knowledge of foreign Relations he was made Trumps Advisor on Foreign relations in Israel and the Middle east.

His Father was in prison for Embezzlement and other crimes and pardoned by Trump while Julian Assange was left in prison to Rot. We still have War Criminals from Jan 6th in D.C. left to rot~ Trump did tell everyone that everyone would walk to the Capital and He would meet them there but he never did show up, He told his Supporters to let their Voices be heard , Antifa dressed up like Trump Supporters did all the damage while Trump and his Family watched the entire thing unfold ~

There is a Video of all of them watching his Supporters being Arrested and all of them were laughing. We do know that the Anti-Christ will be someone the entire world will be looking to for answers to the Worlds Problems, now i’m not saying Trump is the Anti-Christ. He is not a Descendant of Jesus Either, no one is. What i’m saying is keep your eye’s open b/c your very soul depends on this. [show less]

stock here — interestingly enough, in my search for more information on Kerry and the sacking of Pope Benedict, I came across this site, which analyzes the criminality of the Obama regime and the main cast of characters…..


Late that Sunday evening, just hours after General McInerney’s radio appearance, Strzok and Page exchanged a text message that explicitly referenced Dennis Montgomery and Montgomery’s attorney Larry E. Klayman.

Only a few hours earlier, General McInerney had referenced Montgomery and Klayman on “Operation Freedom,” exactly the same names about which Strzok and Page were now texting.

General McInerney appeared on Dr. Dave Janda’s “Operation Freedom” that broadcasts from terrestrial radio station WAAM 1600.

The next morning, the Russian Collusion investigation was born.

The day after General McInerney’s discussion relating to Obama’s spying aired, FBI Director James Comey appeared before a House committee, as American Report explains:

Early the following morning, Monday, March 20, 2017, FBI Director Jim Comey announced before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that the FBI Counterintelligence Division, where Strzok served as Deputy Assistant Director, was investigating Trump’s connections to the Kremlin, and that the FBI had “no information” to support Trump’s tweet claiming that President Obama wiretapped Trump.

That morning, FBI Director Jim Comey lied to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and to the American people.

Comey was well aware that President Trump was under illegal surveillance because Montgomery had already turned over to Comey’s FBI mountains of evidence confirming the existence of Brennan’s and Clapper’s illegal surveillance system.



stock here: I came to this conclusion also, independently. When it became obvious to me that the “target” of the Spike S Protein (generated by the VXX, among other chemicals in the VXX) is called the ACE2 receptor sites, which are throughout the body, but in particular in the testes and ovaries.

My opinion is better than the strategy in this video of the self stated goal to self human reproduction for 3 generations. The “Elite” need a continuous new supply of Robot Producers and AI Code writers and maintainers to keep up a continuous stream of power and privilege.

Indeed, the Elite intend on replacing you with Robots and AI as the Slo-Depop agenda is carried out.

So the movie is not “practical”. But lets say they can kill off the old and weak now, that takes a huge burden off of the future declining population, so there are more resources for the Elite to steal / divert. Then reduce fertility by say 7%, someone could run a spreadsheet on that using worldwide demographics and life expectancy in various countries.

What say you?


DO NOT TAKE THE FLU SHOT! They Will Slide In a COVID Experiment Instead

stock here: This has been on my mind for a while, and of course, I never had any intention of getting a flu vaccine this year. In fact, the only time I got a bad flu in the last decade was when I got the only flu shot I ever got in my life. One and done.

Looky what they have done to this family….VXXd 2 young children with adult strength mRNA VXX!!!!! And they both got fevers and Flu symptoms and possible heart damage.

EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) – An Evansville family is seeking legal help after their attorney says they received COVID-19 vaccinations instead of flu shots last week.

According to attorney Dan Tuley, Joshua and Alexandra Price and their two children, who are four- and five-years-old, received adult doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine from the Walgreens on St. Joe Avenue on October 4 when they went there to get flu shots. Tuley says the parents received a call from Walgreens about 90 minutes later telling them a mistake was made. He said the parents contacted the CDC and health officials. Attorney: Evansville family was given COVID-19 vaccines instead of flu shots

Tuley says Walgreens did not comply with the Prices’ multiple requests for CDC vaccination record cards until the following day. He says the employees of Walgreens were apologetic about the vaccine mix-up when Josh returned to pick up the requested CDC vaccination record cards.

The parents say their children became ill after receiving the vaccine, including having fever, body aches, cough, headaches and nausea. The youngest has had a fever for over a week as of October 11. They were told by a pediatric cardiologist that they showed signs of heart issues after they received the shots and their prognosis is uncertain.

In a statement, Walgreens says that such instances are rare and they take these matters very seriously. A corporate spokesperson says their multi-step vaccination procedure includes several safety checks to minimize the chance of human error.

Tuley says no lawsuit has been filed at this time.


Kamala Harris Has A Very Important Function: She Is The Poison Pill To Keep Biden in Office Longer

Some are saying things like this — “Hello All!!! Let’s face it, the VP has never figured much into any Presidency but this woman has set a new high for completely useless!!!” ______________________

But that completely misses the point.

She is serving a very important part of the cabal program….she is the poison pill, someone perceived as even worse than Biden, thus keeping Biden in place to carrying out the Cabal plans and extortions of the Bidens, holding the porn videos of Hunter Biden (also Robinette) as leverage among their various other crimes related to selling influence.


What if USA “Received” the Hilina Slump and the Canary Islands Tsunami at the Same Time….110′ to West Coast, 140′ to East Coast, Would China/UN Have to “Save Us”?

Both look possible now. And this is without intervention.


Hawaii Pounded With Earthquakes, Exact Same Spot as the 1868 Quake That Killed 100 People

Look at this huge Earthquake, its in the “Feeder Port” from deep Magamatic sources to the combined MAgma Chamber CMC that feeds Maunaloa and Kileaua

This is the same spot that was hit YESTERDAY with a Huge 6.2 after we put out our CME driven earthquake alert on Saturday.

There have been 15 earthquakes over 6.0 in the last 100 years, and 2 of them were yesterday.

The 1868 April 2 through 4 EQ Event was estimated to be a 7.9 and it killed around 100 people via earthslide and tidal wave.

The 1868 event was proceeded by Dense smoke from Mauna Loa On March 27, and a Flank Lava Flow on March 28.

The CURRENT large Earthquake was preceeded by the Eruption of  Kilauea.


You Think You May Have Natural Immunity to COVID, Here Is How To Get a Simple, Quick $10 Test to Prove It

I did this, it was simple and easy, very small blood draw. They use the Roche Bio-Chemi-Luminescent Assay that comes up with a NUMBER. The first 6000 people they tested, the highest number was 230. Mine was 207. My fear of COVID = ZERO

Find out!



A Boatload of resources that show natural immunity is far better and safer than VXX immunity


A Boatload of resources that show natural immunity is far better and safer than VXX immunity.

  • Harvard study of Israeli data found vaxed were 27 times more likely to get symptomatic COVID infection than those w/ natural immunity. The risk of a vaccine-breakthrough case was 13-times higher for Delta variant, and the risk of hospitalization 8x higher.
  • Just 72 of 7,700+ new cases detected during wave starting in May were from people known to have been infected previously – less than 1% of new cases. Vaxed people are 6.7x more likely to be infected than those who had COVID previously.
  • Natural immunity conveys much more innate immunity, while the vaccine mainly stimulates adaptive immunity
  • “Natural infection induced expansion of larger CD8 T cell clones occupied distinct clusters, likely due to the recognition of a broader set of viral epitopes presented by the virus not seen in the mRNA vaccine.
  • Israeli researchers studied 6.3 million Israelis and their COVID status and were able to confirm only one death in the entire country of someone who supposedly already had the virus, and he was over 80 years old.
  • French researchers found “No neutralization escape could be feared concerning the two variants of concern [Alpha and Beta]” of those previously infected.
  • Austria study found frequency of re-infection caused hospitalization in only 5/14,840 (0.03%) & death in 1/14,840 (0.01%). “Protection against SARS-CoV-2 after natural infection is comparable with the highest available estimates on vaccine efficacies.”
  • “Cumulative incidence of COVID-19 was examined among 52k+ employees in an American healthcare system. COVID-19 did not occur in anyone over the [time] of the study among 2,579 individuals previously infected… including 1,359 who did not take the vaccine.”
  • In a large study from Denmark, less than 0.7% of people who tested positive for COVID, including those who were asymptomatic, ever tested positive again — a “breakthrough infection” rate similar to that of vaccines.
  • Systemic review of all 1.4k COVID reports on PubMed / MedRxiv found “weighted avg risk reduction against reinfection was 90.4% w/ standard deviation of 7.7%.” “similar to protective effect of vax.” “Protection vs reinfection observed for up to 10 months.”
  • Another meta-analysis & review of natural immunity looked at 54 studies, from 18 countries, w/records from more than 12M individuals, followed up to 8 months- & those researchers found an average reinfection rate for COVID-recovered patients of just 0.2%.
  • “It’s empirically undeniable that natural immunity after COVID infection is superior to vaccine immunity.” (source)
  • “Immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 following natural infection can persist for at least 11 months.” “The protective effect of prior infection (is) similar to 2 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • NEJM Study following 12,541 UK healthcare workers for COVID19 re-infection over 31 weeks found that natural immunity held up well over the 6 months of the study, with only two cases of asymptomatic reinfections observed.
  • Study (mentioned above) of 1.4k previously infected Cleveland Clinic health care workers found not a single one was re-infected 10 months into pandemic, despite some of these individuals being around COVID-positive patients more than regular population
  • 1.6k people in Italy studied for one year after initial infection. Only 5 reinfections. “Natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 appears to confer a protective effect for at least a year, which is similar to the protection reported in recent vaccine studies.”
  • Those “who recover [even] from mild COVID19 have bone-marrow cells that churn out antibodies for decades.” Prior infection creates memory B cells that “patrol blood for reinfection, while bone marrow plasma trickle out antibodies for decades”
  • Qatar study analyzed population‐level risk of reinfection. Researchers estimate the risk at 0.66 per 10,000 person-weeks. Most importantly, the study found no evidence of waning of immunity for over seven months of the follow-up period.
  • Irish researchers conducted review of 11 cohort studies w/ 600k+ total recovered COVID patients who were followed for over 10 months. Unlike vaccine, after ~4-6 months, they found “no study reporting an increase in the risk of reinfection over time.”
  • Emory University study found that most recovered patients produced durable antibodies, memory B cells, and durable polyfunctional CD4 and CD8 T cells, which target multiple parts of the virus. NI “may persist long-term in recovered COVID-19 patients.”
  • Antibodies wane slower among those with prior infection. “In vaccinated subjects, antibody titers decreased by up to 40% each subsequent month while in convalescents they decreased by less than 5% per month.” In response to the notion that “Not everyone gets Natural Immunity – and it wanes.”
  • Activation-induced marker assays identified specific T-helper cells and central memory T-cells in 80% of participants at a 12-month follow-up.”/
  • An in-vitro study in Singapore found the immunity against SARS-CoV-2 to last even 17 years later from SARS-1-infected patients who never even had COVID-19.
  • When examining survivors of the Spanish Flu, scientists found that they were still immune 90 years later. “To this day, people who survived the 1918 flu pandemic carry antibodies that can remember and neutralise the murderous strain.”
  • “Immunity to the Coronavirus may last years. Blood samples from recovered patients suggest a powerful, long-lasting immune response.”
  • “Following a typical case of COVID19, Tcells not only persist but continuously differentiate in a coordinated fashion well into convalescence into a state characteristic of long-lived, self-renewing memory… Tcells are less prone to evasion by variants”
  • “memory B cells in those w/ prior infection “express increasingly broad & potent antibodies – resistant to mutations found in variants.” “memory antibodies selected by natural infection have greater potency & breadth than antibodies elicited by vax”
  • Back to that massive Israeli study of real-world data… “This analysis demonstrated that natural immunity affords longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization due to the delta variant.”
  • Johns Hopkins studied ~1k healthcare workers & found 4.4x elevated risk of “clinically significant” side-effects following vax of those w/ prior COVID. “Prior COVID was associated w/ increased odds of clinically significant symptoms following dose 1”
  • “A prior COVID-19 infection was associated with an 8% increase in the risk of having any side effects after the first vaccine dose.” “a prior COVID-19 infection was associated with the risk of experiencing a severe side effect requiring hospital care”
  • “in individuals with a pre-existing immunity against COVID, 2nd vax dose not only failed to boost humoral immunity but determines a contraction of the spike-specific T cell response.”
  • “Systemic side-effects were more common (1·6 times after the first dose of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 and 2·9 times after the first dose of BNT162b2) among individuals with previous SARS-CoV-2 infection than among those without known past infection.”
  • The risk of death from the vaccine is statistically small, but it exists nonetheless. It’s therefore immoral & illogical to force those who already have robust & durable immunity to take a vaccine with real and serious potential side effects.
  • “Hyperviscosity is likely to occur in any recipient who has previous COVID19. Screening for possible previous COVID-19 before COVID-19 vaccination might be necessary for prevention of unwanted blood thrombohemostasis adverse effect.”
  • Requiring the immune to get vaxed unnecessarily exposes them to risk of adverse reactions, including thrombosis & myocardial inflammation, neurologic injury, & possibly death. These side effects also appear more predominant in male patients.
  • “COVID Vaccination is associated with two-fold higher odds of gout flare (adjusted odds ratio 1.99; 95% CI 1.01 to 3.89).”
  • “underlying activation due to infection or exposure, in synergy with a vaccination, could lead to overstimulation of the immune response.”
  • “When a vax reactivates immune response in recently infected persons, the tissues harboring the persisting viral antigen are targeted, inflamed and damaged by the immune response.”
  • We only prevent 1 asymptomatic re-infection for every 833 people w/ natural immunity we vax. But ~1 in 11 COVID-recovered experience clinically significant side effects. This means: to prevent a single asymptomatic case, we hurt ~75
  • “Many healthcare workers, especially those who have heroically worked through pandemic, already have natural immunity. FDA’s refusal to acknowledge this & provide recognition of immunity status through history or antibody status is not evidence-based.”
  • “I feel really confident that if this virus acts like every other virus that we know, once you get infected, get better, clear the virus, then you’ll have immunity that will protect you against re-infection.” – Dr. Anthony Fauci
  • “Policymakers should include natural immunity… as evidence of immunity equal to that of vaccination. That immunity should be given the same societal status as vax-inducted immunity”
  • “Rushing to implement mandatory vax protocols ignores available scientific data, basic principles of immunology and elementary norms… coercive mandates violate basic principles of medical ethics… It is wrong to risk harming healthy people.”
  • “When you get a virus & fight it off, your immune system encodes that info & builds immunity. This is what one would call virology/immunology 101. It’s what you read in every textbook. It’s been taught in 9th-grade cell biology for probably 80 years.”
  • “Natural Infection is the mother of all vaccines.” Dr. Anthony Fauci, 2018
  • The CDC even provides for some level of acceptance of Natural Immunity when it comes to entering its own facilities…
  • The U.S. Military Health System allows for medical exemptions for existing immunity (e.g., by serologic antibody test, documentation of previous infection or natural infection presumed).
  • “it is medically unnecessary to get a Covid-19 vaccine (if you have Natural Immunity) — and it violates medical ethics to order unnecessary procedures.”
  • “Requiring vax for people with natural immunity has no scientific support… to argue dogmatically that they must get vaccinated has zero clinical outcome data to back it. As a matter of fact, we have data to the contrary.”
  • Seeing a counter argument that “natural immunity is variable.” So is vax… But besides that… “The immune systems of more than 95% of people who recovered from COVID19 had durable memories of the virus up to eight months after infection.”
  • “Reinfection (for those with natural immunity) was an uncommon event (absolute rate 0%-1.1%), with no study reporting an increase in the risk of reinfection over time.”
  • “subjects previously infected with ancestral variant SARS-CoV-2 produce antibodies that cross-neutralize emerging VOCs with high potency.” “potent against 23 variants, including variants of concern”

Nothing Short Of All Freedom Under Attack


The Mad Jewess Writing Good Stuff — Check It Out

LOL she is more extreme than me!!

The Most HORRIBLE Genocide This World Has EVER Seen Will Be The Leftist/Globalist/SATANIC Genocide Of AntiVax Human Beings



VXX Pain — Website With Stunning Compilations of VXX Adverse Effects


Check it out folks!


The VXX Program Is a Huge and Deadly Experiment — Fauci Is Perfecting Various Bioweapons 100 Varieties Spread Over the Country

I published this on August 21, 3:14PM, by 9PM my blog on Google Blogger was totally suspended and disappeared from the internet. In other words, I hit the truth.

You will need to open the Excel spreadsheet to truly comprehend that there are 100’s of experiments being carried out under the guise of “Vaccines”.

Its a huge file, over 20MB and has all the Data Related to Death in the VAERS system, well the parts that haven’t been scrubbed.  


I analyzed by Lot / Batch and by US State.    Seems odd to ship a single batch all over the country?   Unless of course you wanted to test a bio-Weapon upon different populations to see how they work on that population.

And what if you wanted to make Red States more infertile, more quickly?    After results from the first tranche of VXX come in, you would know exactly how to do it most effectively.


These are from a prior article, right click and open for a large view.

First chart, number of deaths is high in States that are swing states.

Second chart, percentage of deaths is high in independent “Trump States”



DELIBERATE Ignorance And Death by ‘Health Care’The Market Ticker – Canceled ® – What ‘They’ Don’t Want Published



Pfizer Scientist Nick Karl Confronted By James O’Keefe of Project Veritas


Was China Complicit In The Roll Out Of Scary Pandemic? YES, Remember the Videos in Feb 2020, Spray Trucks, Instant Deaths on The Sidewalk, Body Bags Lining The Halls

stock here: I would like to have 20 videos posted here, and I am asking YOU to find them and send a link via comments or direct to my email if you have it already. THANKS!!

This is still on YouTube, trying a different method to Embed a Video. WordPress is confusing, sometimes you need to add as code, sometimes as HTML, this is a direct add.
Here is another video, showing police in full hazmat violently arresting people in their homes

One of the Bullshit Scary videos put out by the Chinese to Kick Off the Corona Coordinated Attack on America

Send in a bunch more. Bitchute search was unsucessful.


Project Veritas: Pfizer Scientists: ‘Your [COVID] Antibodies Are Better Than The [Pfizer] Vaccination.’ #ExposePfizer

<iframe width="530" height="298" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/On5RYFbcxWY" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

We all knew this. Natural Immunity is like a strong zone defense





Functional Medicine, It’s Time Is Overdue

stock here: I was surprised that there was so much of this Reality Driven Medicine around.

Sounds like there are enough of us that an alternative medical model would work. I’m thinking direct primary care with home visits like AtlasMD in Witchita (https://atlas.md/wichita/our-fees) combined with independent surgery centers like the one in Oklahoma (https://surgerycenterok.com/). Then take over the insurance market with more private medical associations like medishare (or maybe a monthly fee directly to a surgery center in lieu of insurance?). Also Adam Gaertner is assembling a legal team to move physician memberships to independent orgs like AAPS instead of the corrupt AMA.


Bikini Girls Cliff Jump — Most Popular Video Of All Time

LOL totally gratuitous. This video has been on YouTube for many years. It is amazing to find a group of friends that don’t look like wild thrill seekers, but are all able to make this tremendous jump. One girl totally lands on her butt but lands out of the frame, from that distance, it hurts, you can be bruised or worse.

LOL at 3:50 the girl says in seriousity “don’t fucking swear”


Coder Maven Adds A Frame Advance Feature to Bitchute

stock here: this guy commented on one of my videos, and provided the script to make Bitchute more valuable!

My script adds a frame advance and reverse feature to the Bitchute video player, using the ‘<‘ (‘,’) and ‘>’ (‘.’) keys.

To setup the bookmarklet in Chrome do the following (can probably do equivalent in other browsers):

1. On any Bitchute video page, click the “Bookmark this tap” icon.
2. Click the “More” button.
3. Change the Name to: Bitchute Video Frame Step
4. Change the URL to: javascript:frameTime=1/30;player=document.getElementById(“player”);document.body.onkeyup=function(){key=event.key;if(key==’,’||key==’.’){time=player.currentTime;player.currentTime=Math.floor(time)+(Math.round(time%1/frameTime)*frameTime)+(frameTime*((key==’,’)?-1:1));}}
5. Click the Save button.

To use the bookmarklet (apply to each video page of interest; works in full screen mode too!), simple select it from your list of bookmarks. You may want to use the Bookmark Manager to move the bookmarklet into a more convenient position.


BONUS! To create a bookmarklet for other Web sites, such as Twitter (click video to load player before using bookmarklet), use instructions on any page not already bookmarked, using HTML5 Video Frame Step as name, in step 3, and in step 4, change getElementById(“player”) to getElementsByTagName(“video”)[0]

I tried adding separate instructions to description, but it won’t let me…

I hope the link above will be active. WordPress can be so non-intuitive, so annoying.