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March 11th A Very Evil Day, Fukushima, and the Roll Out Of The Fake Pandemic in 2020, Now a CME Blasted at Earth

stock here: Note also March 13th as a second evil day, kind of like the back to back Solar Flares that create such havoc.

What timing, I just bought 2 large metal garbage cans last night. The intention is to stuff my Outback backup power system and all the related controllers into these cans. In the event of a CME or EMP, my primary Enphase backup system could be fried. From credible sources, the solar PV electric panels themselves will likely not be fried, especially if you disconnect them from the grid before hand.

The Outback will be my double backup. I originally intended it to be my primary, but with Sunrun effing up a contract, taking 2 years to do what should happen in 3 weeks, and then installing non-code compliant equipment that I busted them on. And they did properly respond and put in the latest Enphase Equipment. Due to that delay I did not install the Outback and the technology on the control systems, and the batteries both changed for the better. So the fairly pricey Outback will sit in a trash can, in my attic, ready for that CME or EMP. It’s better than trying to sell it off.

Now that said, hours after I purchased my Faraday Cages….the sun blew off the largest CME that I have seen in a decade, largest earth directed anyway. That should arrive late Saturday or Sunday. There could be power disruptions so if you haven’t lit up your generator(s) lately, this is the time to do it.

Do I think this is the big one? not really, but with the odd shaped Coronal Hole that could provide a double whammy, it could be large. Double whammies are more damaging than a single large blow.

Stay Frosty.

6 replies on “March 11th A Very Evil Day, Fukushima, and the Roll Out Of The Fake Pandemic in 2020, Now a CME Blasted at Earth”

This is the first year since 3/11/2011 I have not personally memorialized that sad, under-reported event. But for stock and others, I would have missed it this year. I haven’t eaten fish (sushi, especially, my FAVORITE ABOVE ALL DISH!!!) since, a personal sacrifice, perhaps meaningless, yet a remembrance, at least for me. Like giving up candy for Lent as a child raised “Roman Catholic”. Deluded then, deluded now, correct?

I did not get fooled for very long about 9-11, not a millisecond with COVID-19! Takes practice. We have lots of opportunities for practice! Think the BS about Ukraine, Putin, etc.!

Prepping is the proper response, where ever you be!

I got fooled quite a while on 911, it was impossible to wrap my head around “our own government would murder 3000 people including many of their own government workers, the Firemen, and bring one of our largest cities to a standstill, and poison maybe hundreds of thousands with asbestos and lead”.

Methinks that place is where many are, they just cannot believe the level of evil that exists. The obvious poison Jabs also fall into this category. I guess the moral is if you are going to do evil, make it so evil that most people will not even believe it. Hope I am not writing their playbook.

Yes, indeed. You persist, providing a way station, an oasis in a desert not yet trafficked as frequently by as many wandering, nomadic souls as your previous manifestation, taken away by those you entrusted your life’s working files. I salute you for your intelligence, your resolve!!

Thank you, first of all, for your service!

I appreciate all you do on our behalf.

hope you have plans in place to fight off the thugs and crazies who notice you’re the only dude with working electronics.

eff ya, in that scenario, it would be better than gold. I have adequate protections, but in that scenario things would get real crazy. Good thing is that my neighbors have more guns and rifles than me, and practice on their lots on regular basis. maybe thats a good thing, LOL. HAM radio goes in a metal storage unit, tonight.

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