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Hunger Games, Little Clown Tyrants, and Gun Control

stock here: a few weeks back we identified “Hunger Games” and one of the 4 horsemen, Famine. Now we watch the “Outrage Machine” as we are shown pictures of empty shelves of “Baby Formula”. Yes Joe Biden is giving all our Baby Formula to illegal immigrants….and Roe vs Wade….he is killing babies in 2 ways. Sheesh.

Look at this picture of Zelenski with Rinos.

  1. He is a tiny man
  2. He is a clown actor comedian
  3. He looks pissed. He wanted a “ride” but they made him an offer. You stay and do what we tell you and we won’t start “acciddenting” your family.

Now back to Hunger Games…..perfect, a mass murder at a food store….very dangerous place to be going, the food store. Noted Black Mayor

Another black mayor, he looks kind of clean cut, kind of like Obama. He was projected into Mayorship by having the well liked White Mayor, by transported to heaven….Ambassador to Luxembourg. Shooting in Milwaukee. Milwaukee was a big player in the stolen election.


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