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Required Reading: Why does the sociopathic wealth and power obsessed globalist parasite class seek to indiscriminately euthanize the world’s working classes, when their traditional tax donkey status has always made them indispensable for harvesting

When Interests Align

There have been some very interesting new findings thanks to Whitney Webb, a fiercely courageous blogger/researcher who really “gets it”. At half the age of Roacheforque, she is truly an inspiration for generational unity, and her guests in interviews (like John Titus) are refreshingly astute. I will be linking to some important reads, but the unlimited hangout has risen to the top of my favorite links in the sidebar (which btw Google has again disabled, so I am unable to update it for now).

In digesting this new data, Roacheforque’s world view of current events is again slightly tweaked, but the overall feeling expressed in this former post has been newly affirmed, and these new insights may help to answer some questions, like: Why does the sociopathic wealth and power obsessed globalist parasite class seek to indiscriminately euthanize the world’s working classes, when their traditional tax donkey status has always made them indispensable for harvesting ?

I think we can answer that question now in this post. The interests of “new money” Techno-Eugenicists, like Gates, align with the “old money” generational wealth dynasties, whose main purposes in orchestrating the global scamdemic were to:

1) Create non-stop fear porn to distract the masses from a new form of highly inflationary QE. That is, the direct injection of helicopter money drops into the retail circuit.

2) Shut down economies world wide in order to gauge the inflationary effect of retail circuit direct injection QE. (Yes, inflation is heating up, and those container ships off the left coast are being held at bay with a purpose).https://www.youtube.com/embed/VYOEvurCVuk

Now if these two concepts above seem unfamiliar or confusing, please take the time to digest this excellent video above, while still available. Titus correctly understands that the COVID scamdemic is first and foremost a monetary event for the central banks, its owners (Blackrock, State Street and Vanguard) and the owners of those three financial firms, which ostensibly manage wealth equating to 40% of global GDP. 

I think this excellent post sums it all up quite well.

Where monetary interests align with “resource constraint” eugenicists like the Gates Foundation, Rockefellar Foundation, Wellcome Leap and related NGO’s (and globalist institutions) is in the area of “usefulness”. 

As both interests agree that the world is rapidly heading toward the 4th industrial revolution, humanity’s role is now under scrutiny. From our beloved guardians of climate stability at the WEF:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another. It is a new chapter in human development, enabled by extraordinary technology advances commensurate with those of the first, second and third industrial revolutions. These advances are merging the physical, digital and biological worlds in ways that create both huge promise and potential peril. The speed, breadth and depth of this revolution is forcing us to rethink how countries develop, how organization’s create value and even what it means to be human. 

From the lips of the self anointed father of transhumanism, enabler of COVID and beloved globalist Klaus Schwab to your ears, here is where Bankers and Technocrats come together in a shared orgasm while sodomizing the little people.

You see, the little people have learned to “make money from nothing” through Robinhood, Bitcoin and other financialization or monetary schemes which were formerly the exclusive domain of the parasite class. They did this partly for the same reason that dogs lick their testicles (because they can), and partly because their jobs have been outsourced to cheaper human labor.

Now however, as the debt based fiat system (a.k.a. the current US Dollar system) continues to remain unresponsive to life support (public circuit QE from 2008 to 2019) labor must be outsourced to even cheaper labor. Namely, this labor (where it cannot be eliminated) is to be performed by automation, in the form of transhumanist slaves or advanced robots (including the hybrid homogenization of the two).

So in the simplest of terms, the little people no longer serve any useful purpose to the Technocrats or the Bankers – other than as a carbon producing problem to exterminate (until then, wear your mask to reduce your carbon output please) or a potential trans human hybrid slave who is rewarded or punished through their social credit score (take your nano-lipid injection so that you can receive your rent credits efficiently through 6G and WO2020 060606 A1).

Roacheforque has spoken of, written about and heralded GOLD as the moral and ethical way to transition from the dying debt based fiat system to an equity based system, in the tradition of A, FOA and FOFOA. Many of us who had hoped for this change held gold as a “dead asset” which our detractors railed at in the midst of the promise of easy riches through Bitcoin and other forms of speculation and financialization.

Those detractors now have the logical conclusion of their obsession with money from nothing. It has been decided that the zombie debt based system will be given the final transformative injection. The so called great reset is nothing more than a continuation of the debt based global monetary system. What is being “reset” is humanity.

So it seems unlikely now that gold will be remonetized in a new equity based IMFS (international monetary and financial system) as envisioned in FOFOA’s epic post Metamorphosis. Or, if it is, it seems not likely to happen in our lifetimes. In fact, many lifetimes for humanity as we know it are on a very short timeline.

Here is one last thought for this post. It is said that some large percentage (60 to 80% ?) of Americans have already been at least partially “vaccinated”. While we can take any data coming from the mainstream “ministry of truth” with a grain of salt, even if these percentages are this large, world wide, what percentage of these subjects are still happy about their decision to willingly accept the injection?

How many are beginning to question their decision, as the TRUTH leaks out?

How many are beginning to regret that decision?

How many are now furious about being victimized by the cabal?

How many more will be, in the coming weeks?

Stay tuned, stay human, stay alive and stay free … time reveals all.

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