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Letter Sent To a Major Influencer: VXX Breaks Down Natural Immunity

You are doing excellent work.     I have been reporting on tragedies since 3-11-11 and occasionally find a truffle. 

Anecdotal evidence of my own: Punchline is that the vaccines also destroy natural immunity, me and my band of medical professional (and conspiracists LOL) cannot even fathom a mechanism, but it happened to me.

In Jan 2020 I went from Hawaii to Chicago and Milwaukee on Jan 17th, around the 27th I developed a weird flu that in my heart of hearts I knew I could beat in  about a day.   I have never had that feeling about any sickness before,  so that was odd.    The following night I was at 90% and the next morning 100%.     I got the COVID likely on the airplanes, plenty of Chinese flying out of Hawaii too.

I returned to Hawaii Oct 17th 2020 and overwintered doing solar work.    Horrific policies and lockdowns, not as bad as Australia or New Zealand, but pretty bad.   And  FYI the government bought 70% of the radio ads and pumping 24/7 scary stories.    In early May just as the 30 and 40 and 50 somethings were able to get broad access to the VXX, the government allowed “full open, no mask (if you are VXX’d LOL)”.   I was invited to a great local Japanese restaurant by two pretty Japanese girls, so of course I went.   We were seated right past the hostess stand, I look at it and had an uneasy feeling, but the place was crowded and we were hungry.    Hawaii was at “peak VXX” and especially for that trendy and probably 80% liberal crowd.

The next morning I had the flu, which is used a good protocol and cured that in a day, continued working out around the island, usually just at one customers house, and often on the roof or in the garage or outside.     5 days later I got the COVID, one of the girls also got COVID and lost ALL taste and smell, the other girl then got the test and was COVID negative.     I cured that COVID in about 48 hours with a strong protocol, rest, hot hot tub baths.   

  1. Had COVID, got good immunity
  2. Got socially VXX’d during peak VXX
  3. Immediately got Flu, recovered
  4. Got COVID 5 days later
  5. In June, tested for Anti-bodies to the COVID (not the Vax) using Labcorp for $10, pegged 207 on their bio-Chemi-Luminescent Assay.

Of the first 6000 assays that Labcorp did the highest reading was 230, so I feed quite good about 207.    Of course I was disgusted that I voluntarily socially VXXd myself, as I knew the risks of “shedding”, and they can shed both Spike S and mRNA.

Feel free to use this, and happy to answer questions.

I was banned from Google Blogger, after I posted about deaths from specific batches being very high in some batches, but despite the transport and temperature requirements certain batches caused deaths in 10 and more states on the east, west and southern sections of the USA.    Leading me to believe that there are many batches and they are going literally the extra mile to test their batch on various demographics and temperatures.

This is my bounce back, but using WordPress instead of Blogger, and self hosting.   It is not that clean looking, I just don’t have time for the learning curve and the cleanup.

This is a backup of the old blog:


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