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Soft-Chew Red Pill

stock here: it’s been an issue for a long time, what will resonate with the normies? Give this a try.


This is the obviously (to us) PART of the macrocosm, but soft-skulled sometimes need kiddie chews with warm milk.

I have intentionally been downplaying the ‘heavier’ truths about the system in my red-pill efforts. I have discovered a teflon-coated red-pill … “The biggest reason Hollywood and rich Democrat types, and ESPECIALLY RINOs are terrified of Trump getting elected is that he will take away their corrupt protection from TAX CHEATING AND INSIDER TRADING”. 100% of them stop and think about it. Even brain dead normies know those fuck-heads cheat on their taxes and steal money from us through government grift. Then you hit them with the explanation of the ‘projection’ attacks … FOR SOME FUCKED UP REASON, that is what resonates with them.


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Hey sorry for double reply.
Rense portrays Prez T. as being a
tool of the Jooz, but RealHistoryandNews guy says T. has
given clues, and I tell you I never
went far into the “Q” thing, but if T.
says he will Really go after the true
criminal perpetrators, of the 9/11 attacks on his beloved NYC, but must Hide
the fact that he Knows it is those control-freaks that are now blatantly anti Christian and own the Judges.
Rense says the Q stuff is bull 🐂.

I think the Q stuff told some truth with the lies the “we have it all”,,,,meaning it is /was a psyop to get well intentioned, knowledgeable, and ready for action people …..to do nothing
which is what happened

I’ve always been the weirdo raised on war history since diaper days. As soon as I got the ideas from movies and TV about spy and commando actions, (can I get a cheer for the Dirty Dozen?) I was
hooked on the lies upon lies, then Watergate and revelations about Dallas and Kennedy and etc.
So when considering the “National Debt “, I just assumed that the masters of the
Game will simply take all the best survivable territories and push the button that blasts all the financial computers and networks and everything else. No more Wall Street.
And you don’t even get paper certificates to wipe your bottom. All
of that Fractional Reserve was Nada,
I figure, and then we will have guys
coming to the barricades of the
farmers and survivalist bases, waving their Gold Coins “Hey! You got Food!
and I Need It for my Kids! and I got
Gold Man! Gold! So You Gotta Trade
With Me!” and then the Farmer
Survivalist folks saying “Nope!”.

Junk Silver coins are the way to go for future barter. And my technical trader Guru issued a rare call that silver should bust upward, breaking a multi-year pattern and perhaps end with a “measured” move, aka the fat side of the pattern, around 40 to 42. I went heavy on that call and up 5% looking for 80% over period a year, year and a half.

Thank you for your brain power which you freely share with us. I have no holdings. I hope you will sustain the success you have been working for.

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