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Floyd Again in the News, And The “Anti-Semites” Hmm…

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Floyd in the news, as the Anti-Semite is sentenced….hmmm, ya think they might want to take the guns soon?

They were both drug dealers, both worked as the same Hispanic bar and music place, that had lots of gangster types….that needs to be well known. Chauvin’s fentanyl killed several people so he was made deal…..we will let you kill your rival dealer but then you will face trial and we will get you off. They forced him to do a snuff film, or be brought up on several murder charges. He took their deal. CIA FBI whatever all those effers. And then the media made him out to be a martyr, a hero, a saint. How obvious is that?

We can support this 100 times over…..does any need the “receipts” as Dan Bongino calls them, and as Glenn Grenwald brings them daily, except weekends.

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