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After $200B has Been Diverted from Ukraine “Aid”, They Try to Sell the Idea That Only $500M Is Missing

stock here, the best lies contain an element of truth.

They are trying to sell this $500M idea.

$490 Million Given To Ukraine Has Been Embezzled Or Stolen

Monday, June 10, 2024 12:02

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According to politician Mikhail Bondar, Criminal proceedings are underway in Ukraine in relation to dozens of cases of alleged embezzlement and theft of funds earmarked for the military. Nearly $500 million given to Kiev for the construction of “defensive fortifications” to repel Russia’s advance has been embezzled or stolen, media reported on Sunday, citing Bondar.

Ukrainian ruling class has unleashed its law enforcement arm to stop it from embezzling money from itself that is supposed to go to war-mongering.  Ukraine has now launched around 30 criminal proceedings linked to the embezzlement of 20 billion hryvnias ($491 million), Bondar told lawmakers at a closed-door session of the parliamentary investigative commission on fortifications, according to multiple media reports. In the absence of defensive fortifications, Russian forces have made rapid advances in the country.

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