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We Are HERE: At Another Great Turning. Stalin Pulled Off Mass Genocide Using The Tribe: What Will They Call This One? Progressive Commonwealth

stock here: read my last article on the Holodomor, they pull off the mass deaths by restricting freedom of movement, part of the reason they want you in an EV that they can control, shutdown, or lock the doors and drive you to the Gulag in your own car.

The collectivists, the communists, and all of the isms are at it again.

They are attempting another Stalin Power Grab, and maybe this time instead of straight up genocide….maybe it will be even worse. Outlaw religion (at least collapse it, like making it illegal to adopt a child unless you promise before hand to give them puberty blockers and pay for them to chop their dicks off, which is really happening now, the law that is, or perhaps more correctly the “Agency Policy”). Get everyone confused and abused, and relying on Government Handouts.

Dominate the world, and funnel everything into “the State”. They are going all out and seem to be winning at times. There is some push back, as failed policies, do have repercussions. People can tell when their lives suck, even when they are told not to believe their lying eyes, and often accept that order. Here is the Stalin article.

How many of “the Left” truly do not understand why people are pushing back? And how many are just sociopathic assholes?

LOL “The Bomb Thrower” posed this question and with a good summary of the total bullshit of the GOF, Pandemic, Lockdowns, Career Destruction, et al. Check it out.

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