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Let’s Talk About Win 10 or Win 11 Operating System

stock here: I am fortunate enough that my main workstation and main laptop are both Windows 10. The laptop pestered me this morning, you have to decline it twice. See AI comments at bottom.

There have been significant concerns regarding data collection in Windows 11, which some believe is more extensive than in Windows 10. Here’s what I found:

Diagnostic and Telemetry Data

Windows 11 collects a range of diagnostic data to maintain the system’s performance and security. This includes required data (such as device properties, error reports, and software setup) and optional data (like browsing history, typing input, and detailed device configurations)​ (Microsoft Privacy)​​ (Windows Central)​. The required data is essential for the system’s functionality, while optional data can be disabled to some extent.

Privacy Controls

Users have some control over the data collected. For example, they can disable optional diagnostic data, advertising tracking, activity history, and the “Find My Device” feature through the settings menu in Windows 11. However, certain essential services still require data to be sent to Microsoft to ensure proper operation and security​ (Windows Central)​.

Comparison to Windows 10

While Windows 10 also collected diagnostic data, Windows 11 has additional features that enhance data collection. These include new connected experiences and improved diagnostic tools that send more detailed information back to Microsoft. There is a perception that Windows 11 collects more data by default compared to Windows 10, though much of this data collection is tied to new functionalities and services aimed at improving user experience and system performance​ (Microsoft Privacy)​.

Concerns and Criticisms

Critics argue that Windows 11’s telemetry and data collection practices can be seen as invasive, with concerns about the amount and type of data being collected automatically. Some users feel that the push to upgrade to Windows 11 is partly due to these enhanced data collection capabilities, which could provide Microsoft with more user insights​ (Windows Central)​.


While Windows 11 offers new features and improvements, it does come with increased data collection. Users can manage some aspects of their privacy settings, but not all data collection can be disabled, especially for essential services. This balance between enhanced functionality and privacy remains a topic of ongoing debate among users and privacy advocates.

For more details on managing privacy settings in Windows 11, you can check the official guides and privacy statements provided by Microsoft.


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