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Personality Change: Just One Adverse Neurological Effect of the Injections

stock here: I have seen this, and in normally “nice” Hawaii, there has been say a 500% increase in assholes, from like 2/100 to 10/100. I am very wary of taking on any new customers because of this.

A number of my customers have developed cancers just this year, one died last week. Weeks after doing a few solar services for him. That was a gut punch, super nice guy and so full of hope even degraded by chemo just a few days prior.

The zombies are in force, driving cars, many cars all banged up and people don’t see the need or can’t afford the bodywork. Poor driving is a daily event, I often take 2 or 3 evasive actions to mitigate accident chance. Hawaii is heavily injected, I didn’t have time to compare on a per 100,000 basis for adverse reactions reported. But even that may be a poor statistic using VAERS as many of the nice people in Hawaii would never suspect that the Injections caused harm, much less report it.

Horrifying… Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: “Depending on where the vaccine damage occurs, a wide variety of neurological and psychiatric illnesses can occur. Nerve failures and paralysis, but also dementia, psychoses and personality changes are on agenda for vaccinated people. The unbelievable horror story doesn’t end there. Chopped DNA fragments have been found in large numbers as vaccine contaminants. Fragmented DNA sequences have increased propensity to be incorporated into the chromosomal DNA. The possible consequences are endless. The finely tuned network can be disrupted that controls cell division and differentiation. Cancer and developmental disorders can result. Mutations in sperm and fertilized eggs could make altered characteristics heritable.”

Mirrored Fritjof Persson

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Dr Sucharit, thank you for sharing your views, pls pay serious attention to Dr Ber video did you ever heard from NKBI ? non kinetic brain injuries can be diagnose by biological elements and supported with tests, auricular damage, neurological disorders and/or voice to skull elements

The experts explain the person suffer from an energy that crossed the gray matter in the brain causing damage. T

he myriad of symptoms may be interpreted by ignorant doctors and psychiatrist as psychosis, and/or other mental problems the reality is that the mental situation is artificially provoke from the outside Of course at the moment the differential diagnosis hasn’t arrived 2the main medical practitioners. It is not convenient, too many patients are in title to compensation by being misdiagnosed by psychiatrists, that have failed 2accept the voice to skull as a reality for patients Is already accepted in the scientific, military &political world

Those with the covid are now even easier to target as a result of their nano routers circuits assembled by nanographene as show the Mac address that scientist and researchers including the public have shown appears on many of those vaccinated, to the world Those diagnosed with psychosis and other mental illness have been most probably misdiagnosed Psychiatrist make themselves deaf to the evidence that appears everyday stronger showing that psychosis can be provoked by external ways by making a person to hear a voice in their skull.

Why are you silence on the possibility that the G5 anthenas may be part of the problem for those inoculated with the nanotechnology? Many people is now aware that the story of the DNA and the virus seems a cover up to a more sinister reality that includes the autoasemble of the nanocircuits in our bodies and the control by external energies including but not only G5 anthenas… Is now clear there is a conection between Havana syndrome, Targeted Individual and those injected https://youtu.be/YC7UEOyGPsk thank y

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