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Funny: Ask The Feds For A GPS Ankle Bracelet, As That Will Give Them Less Information Than Your Cell Phone

stock here, this was hilarious in a sick sort of way.

You can immediately regain control of your phone’s full usefulness after a 911 call by turning off your phone and turn it back on. Then you can restore access to all your phone’s functions again.


Not really… 911 already has your number, esn, Mac address, etc .. turning off your phone does not change these values, so the second your phone reacquires a signal is the same second 911 can again assume control of said phone if so desired. In fact .. the newer phones on the market are even discoverable when thy are turned off! You would need t remove the battery and SIM card to stop that. Furthermore, with things like googles find my phone, Google relies on every other customers phone to scan for devices nearby, so if another Google phone is near yours, well that other Google phone is going to report the location of your phone that you thought was disconnected…. In other words, just don’t get a cell phone because you aren’t even aware of the myriad of ways you can be tracked that they even publish to inform you about if you took the time to read about all the features on your device and android version…. Oooo get an iPhone then… Yeah, because apple would never try to compete with Google or replicate the same features and functionality of their competitor… Might as well just ask the DOJ/DOC if they will provide you with one of their GPS ankle bracelets combined with random landlibe phone voice recognition verification… You would at least be giving big tech and the government less information about you at any given moment then.


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