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“The Great Holocaust” —

Coined It I Have (stock TM 2022)

The birth rate in USA is around 12.012 births per 1000 residents.

The birth rate / fertility rate (have to deconflict those terms) has been dropping worldwide, the normal range is 4% to 8% per year. In say 16 to 18 years, that effect will be even larger because there will be less women of child bearing age entering “the market”.

The death rate increase is a nominal 17% per Dr. John Campbell for Australia. But the death rate for younger people (which is small to begin with) is up 80%. But this is also significant because that 18 to 44 YO range is also the “fertile range”

The insurance industries are a huge portion of the “financial system”, they could see massive upheaval. Making the housing crash look like child’s play.

The CDC is pretending that in 2021 the birth rates are going up, after being saved by the VXX. Tom foolery….they went down massively in 2020, and then bounced up a bit, from a very low place and still lower than any other prior year.

I’ll take a stab at a chart of a year by year prediction of population for the USA and publish in a future chart

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