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Jimmy Dore Discovers Much of the Truth of Zionism

stock here: it’s worth a watch: Drop a comment and spread the word. This comes after the Zionist’s empathetic resolution of “we will only genocide you at night” so you can get aid in the day.

One reply on “Jimmy Dore Discovers Much of the Truth of Zionism”

I picked up on some important Bible references recently.
Amos 5:26, but you won’t get the
full explanation without going to different translations. King James says
“Moloch”, which is to the point, but you
wouldn’t know what that means without
going to all the Old Testament teachings
about false gods, idol worship. Ba’al is
given great worship by the Judah and
Israel separated kingdoms. I highly
recommend Bible Hub online. I don’t
download the app, only access online.
The so-called “Star of David” is actually
a long-standing symbol for Saturn and
thusly, Satan. Comparative scripture,
from Bible Hub, gives much more
richness of vocabulary. “Remphan” or
“Rephan”, “Chiun” or “Kiyyun” … the
“Star-god which you made for yourself”.
Jacob- Israel says on his deathbed that
The throne shall not depart from Judah.
He is ethnically dark featured, not an
“Ashkenazy”. So if Zionism is a True
Prophetic phenomenon, certain True bloodlines are the beneficiaries, Not
the usurper Luciferians.

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