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Interesting Biblical Tidbits from a Reader

stock here, there is much to unpack here, and I am on my last week on island, so simply saving this for future review.


I picked up on some important Bible references recently.
Amos 5:26, but you won’t get the
full explanation without going to different translations.

King James says
“Moloch”, which is to the point, but you
wouldn’t know what that means without
going to all the Old Testament teachings
about false gods, idol worship.

Ba’al is
given great worship by the Judah and
Israel separated kingdoms. I highly
recommend Bible Hub online. I don’t
download the app, only access online.

The so-called “Star of David” is actually
a long-standing symbol for Saturn and
thusly, Satan. Comparative scripture,
from Bible Hub, gives much more
richness of vocabulary. “Remphan” or
“Rephan”, “Chiun” or “Kiyyun” … the
“Star-god which you made for yourself”.

Jacob- Israel says on his deathbed that
The throne shall not depart from Judah.
He is ethnically dark featured, not an
“Ashkenazy”. So if Zionism is a True
Prophetic phenomenon, certain True bloodlines are the beneficiaries, Not the usurper Luciferians.


And this seen on Poal….

That’s part of the fallacy, there are no more dominant “American perception”.

There are jews who are looting the country while ethnically cleansing Whites (enjoying total power),

there is a violent section of mostly niggers really burning shit down who read on a 4th grade level,

there are beaners, most of whom take more out than they put in and are over-reproducing,

there are asians and indians who pay in their fair share on average, but are culturally very different, and then

there are primarily Germanic and British Whites who are paying for it while having their nation bulldozed.

Those buckets are also over-simplifications, but this is no longer an ethnically homogeneous monoculture or largely productive people who share similar values and religion. The jews saw to that. Now they are going to print money and start wars to keep the zombie walking until it collapses on itself.

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