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Brittanica — Backgrounder on the Summer Solstice, and Many Good “Space Quizzes” If You Like That Sort of Thing

The last time a solstice was earlier than this years…..George Washington was president.

Solstice | Definition & Facts | Britannica

Summer solstice 2024 is here Thursday. Earliest in 228 years (usatoday.com)

Specifically, it’s the earliest solstice since June 20, 1796, when George Washington was president and there were only 16 states in the Union.

The early solstice is due to the complex dance between Earth’s yearly orbit around the sun and its daily rotation, along with how we mark the solstice on our calendars. Quirks in the Gregorian calendar mean the solstice will make another jump earlier every leap year until the year 2100.

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