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One Goal of the “Pandemic”: To Change Your Life In As Many Ways As Possible

To get you to believe and act upon obvious lies and absurdities. Comments?

2 replies on “One Goal of the “Pandemic”: To Change Your Life In As Many Ways As Possible”

Yes, but they may have bit off more than they can chew. One notable change is that countless people are now confessing something along these lines: ‘I was so asleep, innocent, turned up my nose at ‘conspiracy theories’, thought that governments were far from perfect but more or less on our side, that we could inject our way to better health, that maybe there were too many cow farts, that we were a free people, and so on, and now suddenly, I feel like I’ve gone through a cold shower and emerged into reality from a lifelong childish dream.’

So now it all depends what people do with their awakening. If it includes changing our lives from being mobs of de facto slaves and ‘under a spell’ child-adults into ‘armies’ of responsible adults taking care of business, well the Great Reset perpetrators deserve some grudging credit,for that, on their slow shuffle towards madame Guillotine.

Well said. If good prevails I totally expect those who did nothing, threw up their hands with “what can I do” are going to be ” I knew it all along”

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