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What The Heck Happened to “Dr. Jane Ruby”?? She Looks 15 Years Older

stock here: When Dr Jane Ruby emerged in the COVID event, she seemed to be a white hat, however, she was just a bit too hot.

What has happened to her? She looks 15 years older. And she is attacking Dr Peter McCullough for 17 minutes. And she is stating that COVID 19 “virus” has never been “isolated”.

It sure is odd? Any thoughts on this lady? 4800 views. I used to get 3000 to 30000 views when BIN did automatically publish everything that I wrote. Now I have been banned twice, which makes me think that BIN is controlled opposition, and maybe Dr Jane is also. Is Ruby maybe Rubenstein? Like Jack Ruby, who was really Jacob Rubenstein.


2 replies on “What The Heck Happened to “Dr. Jane Ruby”?? She Looks 15 Years Older”

Dr. Jane Ruby makes a lot of good points in her presentation but in my opinion she is not giving Dr. Peter McCullough enough credit for the good he has done, which is very considerable. She seems to have the tendency to go into extreme hostile mode in regard to people whose efforts include much good but who she deems to have made serious mistakes. Her condemnation of Karen Kingston a year or so ago is another example.

I think that her overbearing tone will tend to undermine the effect of her presentation, which, if that is the case, is unfortunate, as many of her points are valid: for example, calling ‘it’ a ‘vaccine’ is at this point problematic nonsense. As she correctly points out, there were – we don’t know how many – many concoctions of these bio-weapons.

In the case of McCullough, I interpreted his announcement as indicating that it may be possible to concoct a means of at least mitigating some devilish aspects of the bio-weapons. Since countless people are now realizing in horror that they may have been genetically modified and irrevocably poisoned by these many bio-weapon variations, McCullough is offering that the situation may not be completely immune from mitigation. As far as her suggestion that he is all about the money, maybe: but where is her proof?

it’s sad to see the infighting on so many that did good early on. Like the attention is wearing off and they want to keep “living” off the Event

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