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Debating the Debate

If it wasn’t so terribly important, this could pass as comic. CNN designed all the questions to help Biden as much as possible, and Biden and his ilk had the questions for at least a full week. So it appears “they were trying” in earnest. But were they?

I knew it was going to be bad for Biden when he first walked out and started waving to the crowd that wasn’t there.

Many believe this, and the late convention, were to allow time for a switcharoo. Gaven Newsome is easy to hate, but for those that run the outrage factory, maybe this is useable

I have considered that part of their plot, may be to make America such a a laughing stock, that even patriots feel that “there is nothing left fighting for”

And the strong efforts by all the congress peeps to strengthen all the voting procedures….oh wait, that never happened. They must like the system the way it is.

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