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WEF: New Champions, Climate Was Not Enough To Scare The Sheep, Now We Need to Tax Water Like Carbon Credits

stock here: Their idea about helping humanity, is to eliminate as much humanity as possible. Flying through Seattle Airport this week, I noted for the first time 3 Bins for materials. Waste, Compostible, and Recyclable. And on the Compostible, they had a good description of everything that can be composted! Good on them, ultimately our fate comes down to the quality of the soil that we grow food in. It really is that simple, and if we can scale it up and replace the chemical based fertilizers (think chemo for plants) with a rich soil full of bacteria, fungi, and base nutrients, that make element more bio-available, and therefore plants that are not attackable by the usual suspects, then we will have a much better society.

It should be noted how the assholes that be, were putting out articles last month on how home gardens produce 400% more carbon than neo-farming. They have no shame, no basis in fact. We have expressed many times, that even from their own lips…the “existential climate crisis” is not enough to convince people to give up their soveriengty, their families, their freedom, their dignity. And there, I have not said it enough, although I have said “Eat Ze Bugs” enough, but a big part of what they are trying to do is to de-humanize Humans, to get people to willingly give up the dignity of life.


According to Hooper, it’s because “every part of the economy is fundamentally dependent on nature.”

As a result, globalists must seize control of “the air that we breathe, the water we drink, the soil, the oceans that we need for the food that we need to consume, the minerals that we need as inputs to technology and into infrastructure,” Hooper declared.

“Without these forms of value, these forms of natural capital, we won’t have economies.

“They are the fundamental building blocks of our economies.”

In addition to putting “nature on the balance sheet,” another proposal coming at the end of the panel discussion suggested putting a tax on natural systems like water in the same vein as carbon taxes.


Now this Chinese female wants to control 100% of “carbon”, not just 25% as it is. And she next mentions water. Integrating “natural capital” aka best example is carbon “pricing”. Note they shy away from using the reality Carbon Taxes. I find her particularly annoying.

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I was contacted by email about
an MIT teleconference town-hall to
discuss “climate change”. The qualifying
questions to answer, so I could participate in the group, quickly locked
out anyone who had any knowledge of
climate, historical geology, solar system
dynamics, cultural anthropology, or
Anything differing from the lesbian
witchcraft communist takeover of
any democratic participation.

LOL I participated in a political survey. What is the biggest problem facing Amerika today, the on phone interviewer was taken aback when I said “The communist takeover of America”. That was the only question with other than multiple choice answers.

The WEF and all other bodies that are connected to global totalitarian ambitions or ideologies avoid ‘like the plague’ the role of careful full debate re ‘what ought to be done?’

If there is the semblance of debate, it takes the role of circumscribed discussion, ‘in the box’, excluding facts and analysis that challenge, contradict or worst of all refute or make fun of the basic premises or ill-logic offered.

This approach means that people who are fervent believers in or purchased mercenary purveyors for particular assumptions ‘within the box’ are featured. But there hovers always over these displays of totalitarian theatrics the great threat: common sense coupled with creativity and sincerity rooted in fact and logic and well articulated.

Here the current role of Tucker Carlson is a notable example. I don’t know if you caught the spectre of the former ‘socialist’ Premier of Alberta, Canada, Rachel Notley, proposing that Tucker be barred from entering Canada before he made his scintillating political and ideological scalp taking foray into Alberta some months ago.

And while the absurdity of her ‘suggestion’ seems apparent, the fear that her suggestion was based on is very real: for all criminal a++holes in power or newly out of power, in ‘interesting times’ life may well depend on sustaining censorship, absurdities and lies.

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