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Will There Even Be Elections in USA This November?

An astute commenter had this to say:

I’m not completely confident that the NWO tyrants will allow elections to take place this November.
I’m very concerned that they’re planning to stage another 911 type event, but far more serious (perhaps a nuclear bomb going off in an American city?).

Or it could be another “pandemic”, but one that is much more lethal. Monkeypox hasn’t exactly worked out for them, but I’m confident they have dozens of other much more serious diseases waiting for deployment, when and if needed.
Carrying out another extremely catastrophic pre-planned event will allow them to instantly declare martial law, “temporarily” suspend the elections… and that will be the end of our freedoms.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they even put a cherry on top by using pre-arranged “assets” that implicate “right wing domestic terrorist groups”, undoubtedly Trump supporters.
I SINCERELY hope I’m wrong, but given that an integral part of the fascist NWO ideology is to massively reduce the number of “useless eaters”, murdering several tens of millions of innocent people to further their agenda isn’t unimaginable.
In their twisted world view it would be considered a benefit, killing two birds with one stone so to speak.
After all, look what they did with covid. They could have never stolen the 2020 election like they did without the almost complete suppression of the old voting system and its replacement with the illegal covid scam version.
If the NWO tools in the democratic party lose big enough in 2024 – and it looks inevitable at this point – it would seriously undermine their efforts to fully take over the country, and then the world.
A rat is the most dangerous when it’s cornered.

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