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Using Biden’s “Predicament” To Justify No Election and Marshall Law

stock here: by putting this out there, maybe we can prevent it from happening, LOL publishing their thought crime in advance to preclude the real crime. We will look at FBI Neo-Nazi Bike Gangs and the Entrapment involved in another article, think Mueller.

It was always suspicious to me that the Communists Democrats put their caucus in late August 19 to 22 in Chicago of all places. Noted that the Republicans do their convention in Milwaukee July 15 to 18. This date comes after the deadline for finalizing a candidate in some states, all states have their own rules. It was claimed a week or two back that the Dem convention would therefore miss the Colorado deadline, but Colorado states the party must submit a certificate of nomination 73 days before the election which is August 24, 2024 so it seems that it could work out. I wonder if the law was changed? Or if the earlier reporter had jumped the gun and the shark?

Some states have strict requirements for changing a candidate as the election comes closer, such as in Wisconsin the only reason that a different candidate could be picked is “Death”. Let’s say that Biden doesn’t die, but is so incapacitated that it is clear he cannot serve another term, much less even start another term, that is 10 states, there is NO DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE. Talk about the outrage factory….this “right wing neo nazi plot” to destroy our democracy, and it was Trump that made Biden go bad by his continuous insults and jabs at this poor old man….and therefore we need to suspend the constitution until a new government can be formed and have proper elections, maybe in spring time (after you peons have gotten used to Marshall law whilst we release another bio-weapon too).

I hope this is a warning and not providing them a game plan <sarc>

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