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NYT Presents Evidence of War Crimes Against Russian Soldier. The Captured, Woke, Trump Hating NYT, This is Very Suspicious This Story

stock here, here is a summary by Chat


stock here: more history I didn’t know, that Japan was occupying Korea from 1910 to 1945, see image, which make the NYT article even more inflammatory, as they promote the exploits of the “Chosen Company” since “Chosen” is also a derogatory slur

The article discusses alleged war crimes committed by members of an American-led volunteer unit in Ukraine known as the “Chosen Company.” Key points include:

  1. Incident Descriptions:
    • A wounded, unarmed Russian soldier seeking to surrender was shot by a fellow Chosen Company soldier.
    • Another incident involved a Chosen member throwing a grenade at a surrendering Russian soldier with raised hands, captured on video.
  2. Verification and Evidence:
    • Grosse, a member of the unit, documented these events in his journal and provided this to The New York Times.
    • The Times verified some incidents with video evidence, showing edited footage released by the Ukrainian military that omitted these war crimes.
    • Text messages from a group chat reviewed by The Times showed Chosen members boasting about killing Russian POWs.
  3. Unit’s Internal Reaction:
    • Grosse was disturbed by these events and confronted his commander.
    • Some unit members attempted to enforce silence, warning against speaking to reporters and threatening consequences.
  4. Highlighted Individuals:
    • A Greek soldier known as Zeus was central to multiple episodes involving the killing of surrendering Russians.
    • A soldier with the call sign Andok took responsibility for ordering the killings in group chat messages but later claimed he was joking.

The strongest evidence presented includes:

  • Grosse’s journal entries.
  • Video footage reviewed by The Times.
  • Text messages from group chats discussing and boasting about the killings.

The article implies that these incidents could be part of a broader pattern of war crimes by foreign volunteer units in Ukraine, which the mainstream media has largely ignored.

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