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In 2020 We DEclared The USA to Be Under an MK-Ultra Attack. Now a Hypnosis Expert Ups The Ante

stock here: I got the article summary from Chat, as the article itself kind of rambled about. Orig Substack


Article Summary

The article discusses the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis tactics during the COVID-19 pandemic and suggests that similar techniques are being used to discourage voting in upcoming elections. The author and NLP trainer, Debbie Williams, describes how repetitive phrases and fear-inducing messages were used during the pandemic to manipulate public behavior. She expresses concern that similar methods are now being employed to dissuade dissidents from voting, thereby maintaining the status quo and benefiting the global elite.

Specific NLP Tactics Identified

  1. Repetitive Phrases and Mantras: Phrases like “Trust the science,” “Protect the NHS,” and “Don’t kill granny” were repeated frequently to create compliance through subconscious conditioning.
  2. Fear Induction: Continuous fear-mongering was used to place the population in a trance-like state, making them more susceptible to suggestions.
  3. Confusion and Amnesia: Confusing messages and mixed signals were used to induce a trance and create amnesia, making people forget initial doubts and follow imposed behaviors.
  4. Post-Hypnotic Suggestions: Phrases like “The new normal” were used to embed new behaviors and thoughts that felt natural and self-originated.
  5. Learned Helplessness: Similar to the Milgram experiment and rat experiments, constant stress and fear led to a state where people felt their actions were futile, reinforcing compliance and inaction.
  6. Soundbites and Memes: Simple, repeatable phrases like “It’s all rigged” and “I do not consent” are used to create a sense of hopelessness and apathy towards voting.

Key Points and Concerns

  • COVID-19 Manipulation: The government’s “nudge unit” and the Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) used NLP to enforce compliance with COVID-19 measures.
  • Current Use Against Voting: There is a concern that similar NLP tactics are now being used to convince dissidents not to vote, ensuring the continuation of the current political agenda.
  • Propaganda Techniques: The article points out how slogans, fear, and confusion are strategically used to influence behavior and suppress dissent.
  • Call to Action: Williams urges readers to recognize these manipulative tactics and to research and vote for candidates who align with their values, rather than abstaining from voting out of cynicism or hopelessness.

The article ultimately calls for awareness of these psychological manipulations and encourages active participation in elections to counteract the potential undermining of democratic processes through NLP and hypnosis tactics.

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